How to Play ‘Never Never’ in My Instagram Stories

The popularity of Instagram filters is growing too fast, as is the number of filters that this platform has; Among the countless filters that give your photographs a special or funny touch, we can find the ‘I never have’ filter, which is trending among users of this platform .

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  1. What are the rules for playing Never Never the Right Way?
  2. How can you play ‘I never never’ on Instagram stories?
    1. Using the special filter
    2. With predesigned templates
  3. What should you do to invite your friends to play ‘I never never’ with you?
    1. Tag them in your story
    2. Share the link on other networks

What are the rules for playing Never Never the Right Way?

The grace of playing ‘I have never never’ is to place situations that the players have probably experienced and make it known as the game progresses, you can place situations such as ‘I have never jumped into the neighbor’s garden’ and who has done it They are losing points, because the trick is ‘Never have never done something’.

How can you play ‘I never never’ on Instagram stories?

This game can be played between several people gathered and thus learn more about the participants . On Instagram there are several ways to share this game through stories and invite friends to play through them.

Using the special filter

You can find the special filter of the game ‘I never never’ by looking for the link that leads to the filter, when you find the filter you must open your camera in Instagram and allow the filter to place a poster on your forehead that has a topic written and throws a probability percentage , so you can share your result on your Instagram story.

You can also enter Instagram and look for ‘@lordeleal’, who is the creator of the ‘I never never’ filter, once you have entered his profile, press the smiley face icon and you will be able to see various filters created by him , including the filter mentioned above.

You can save the ‘I’ve never never’ filter by pressing the test button and then add it to your favorite filters or you can also use the filter to take a picture and upload it to your Instagram story and never use the filter again.

With predesigned templates

Through the internet you can find many predesigned templates to play ‘I never never’, these templates come in the form of a list and contain situations that you must mark if you have done them or have ever happened to you, although it is a little different from the Instagram filter , you can also invite your friends to play and you can find the template that you like the most and add it to your stories to play.

What should you do to invite your friends to play ‘I never never’ with you?

You can play ‘I never never’ alone, sharing your photos with the filter or sharing the list with the themes of the game so that the people who see your stories know more about you, or you can also play this game with your friends through Instagram , for this you must tag them in your Instagram stories or share the link through another network.

Tag them in your story

If you want to tag a friend on Instagram to invite him to play, you must upload your photo using the filter and mentioning it, for this you must press the button in the upper right corner to start writing and place ‘@’ followed by the username of your friend and choose it when it appears in the results of the mentions, then upload the photo with the filter and the mention to your friend so that they receive the notification of the mention and see your story.

If you want to tag your friend in a story to play ‘I’ve never never’ using a predesigned template, you will have to do the same as with the filter. Press the upload story icon and choose the game template, now you must mention your friend by typing his username after an ‘@’ and send the story so that he receives the notification that he has been mentioned in your story and go to watch it so you can see what it’s about and join the game.

Share the link on other networks

You can share the link of your story already uploaded, for this you must enter Instagram and press the circle that shows the stories that you have uploaded (including the one from the game) and open the story where you have uploaded the photograph of the game, press the three points of the bottom corner and when the menu is displayed, press the ‘copy link’ option, so the link will remain on the clipboard and you can paste it into a private message or a publication on another network.

You can also choose the option to share your story through other social networks directly, for this you must enter your Instagram stories and select the story where the ‘I never have’ game appears, you must press the three points that are in the bottom corner and select from the menu ‘share in …’ and a list of options will appear showing the applications where you can share your story.


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