How to add payment methods in the DIDI Food App

DiDi’s platform has not come to stop, every day new marketing strategies are implemented, and more work tools that allow it to reach a much wider audience in each of the regions where they are installed. In the case of DiDi Food, it must allow you to add other forms of payment, either by card or cash .

How to Add Payment Methods in the DIDI Food App in Cards or Cash

The service of transfers or delivery of orders among which the strong one is food, has undergone a radical change with the implementation of DiDi Food; What is it, how does it work and how is DiDi Food used? deliveries are delivered to your home and are of such a quality that the requested food arrives in a timely manner for tasting and where you are .

Your favorite food at your fingertips with just a few minutes that have to take you to enter your application and make the request for it; do not forget to have your DiDi Food application downloaded to your device, from your App Store or your Play Store. From there, you can not only make the request you want but also use and add discount coupons in DiDi Food and cancel with the payment method you want.

You will not only be able to choose the dish of your preference. But you have the option to choose from a large list of restaurants that are in the area and that the DiDi dealer has to take as a reference for the search for the dish you want.


  • Payment methods in the DIDI Food App
  • Steps to follow to add payment methods in the DIDI Food App

Payment methods in the DIDI Food App

DiDi Food has quality service 24 hours a day , and really affordable costs. It is a system that has to allow you to add several forms of payment and to be able to enjoy the requested order  in the shortest possible time and thus guarantee the good condition of the food.

Download the DiDi Food application on your mobile device, and register. You just have to have your phone number, an easy-to-use password, and a code that you must receive at the phone number you have registered in the system. With this you can use it whenever you want.

DiDi’s expansion has led to its adaptation in various terms, such as payment methods so that users can make use and enjoy its services. It allows two super effective payment methods that are credit cards and cash, depending on the ease of the customer, and the environment where they are.

In the case of making the payment by cash, you cannot forget that it has to vary according to the region where you are, and if you have many doubts, remember that you have a customer service at your disposal. Within the range of cash payment, so-called discount coupons are also included.

Steps to follow to add payment methods in the DIDI Food App

It is easy to add payment methods in the DiDi Food App, accounts with the option of cash or the alternative of paying with a credit or debit card that must have enough positive balance to cover the costs of the service you have requested and the merchandise that you have to receive.

The cards accepted by the system are Mastercard, Visa and American Express, you have the option of DiDi Cash. Where you can add money to your DiDi account and you can do it with any work tool, from cash to other cards.

Enter your app, and at the top of the screen press the confirm option and right there it has to indicate any of the payment methods that are active. When choosing, you just have to click on it and simply proceed to add the one that is most convenient for you or you have on hand at that moment.

You can also make the entry or selection by searching your profile for your photo and then clicking on it. You will see the option my wallet where you can make use of DiDi Cash, discount coupons and payment methods, where you have the option to add a card for your cancellation. All options will depend on the time of payment and your comfort.


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