How To Remove Windows 10 Sleep Mode

Among the most important and widely used work tools available today in most homes worldwide are PCs or desktop personal computers . In this sense, for its correct operation it is necessary to have an operating system that allows the development of the applications that generate work or entertainment.

On the other hand, most of the users of these machines or computers usually install some version of Microsoft as an operating system. In recent times the most used version is Windows 10 . That is why in this post we will be dealing with how to remove Windows 10 from sleep mode to prevent your PC from automatically suspending itself.

Procedure to avoid screen suspension on your Windows 10 PC

It will always be useful to have a simple procedure to enter the navigation menus of systems as complex as operational ones, that is why we will show you below how to use a procedure that will allow you to control the time and even avoid suspending your system . In addition, you will be able to avoid the suspension of your hard disk and with this avoid the loss of important information:

  • On the Windows 10 start screen, click on the search field and enter the word settings . When you carry out this process you will get a tab that will show you different elements, you must choose the one called «Configuration»
  • Once you click on said application, a window will be displayed that will show you different tools belonging to the OS , at this point you must click on “System”. Doing so will open a window where you will see a left menu with the content of the applications belonging to it.
  • Click on «Start / Shutdown and Suspension» . Pressing will open a new window where you will see the settings for “Screen” and “Suspend”, you can choose from the drop-down list of “Suspend” to adjust the time you want, or choose “Never” among the options to avoid suspension definitive of your OS.

As you may have noticed, it is a simple process that you can execute without investing a lot of time and without major complications. In addition, it will provide you with great benefits that we will also be explaining.

Benefits of avoiding Windows 10 OS suspension

Among the benefits that you will obtain by avoiding the suspension of your operating system, is the installation of those large programs that take a long time to be processed and installed. And it is that in certain occasions it could happen that when performing the installation without making the corresponding adjustments of “Screen” and “OS Suspension” you could eventually lose the installation due to suspension of the OS and even cause certain damages in sectors of your hard disk.

On the other hand, you might think that keeping the PC active without suspending at any time could be detrimental, especially for the moment of billing the electricity service. Well, in this case you can make additional adjustments , to control or reduce the consumption of electrical energy by your PC.

Avoid sleep in OS in Windows 7 and 8

As in Windows 10, if you have a computer that has the Windows 7 or 8 operating system , you can make adjustments to prevent it from going into sleep mode. To do this, you must follow the following steps:

  • Enter the control panel from the home screen of your PC
  • Choose « Power Options «
  • Click on change plan settings in the preferred plan panel «Balanced»
  • Choose the option from the “Never” drop-down list and you will have completed your settings.

In general, it is easy to make the adjustments in any operating system, and of course you will do it according to your needs. Also, if you need to deepen this information you can visit the official Microsoft page.


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