How to create an online store using WordPress WooCommerce

If you want to create an electronic store or e-Commerce, your best option is to create one using WordPress WooCommerce. Since this is the ideal platform to create Web pages, either to implement a blog or virtual store. Since this system has various plugins that make it easy for you to program and adapt the Web for what you need.

The versatility of this platform is so wide that on the official WordPress page you can find various templates that you can use for whatever you need. Simply, you must choose the design that best suits what you are looking for to implement your virtual store.

Steps to create e-Commerce

The first thing you should do to form your online store is to think of a name that you feel represents you , in case you already have it you should follow the following steps.

  1. Get a domain

In a few words, the domain is the name that is given to a Web page , that is, it is the address that the user will use to search for your online store. Ideally, the name should be short and easily accessible so that all the prospects who want to enter your website to buy can locate it quickly. If you do not know which domain to choose, it is important that you know how many there are and their usefulness .

  1. The hosting

Hosting, also called Web hosting, is where all the information that users will see on the Web will be stored. That is, hosting is the space that you will have available to store the information you want, which is why choosing or finding a reputable accommodation is very important.

Because this will guarantee that the online store is fast , in short, that netizens can navigate without problems.

  1. Install WordPress

After selecting the best domain and hosting for your website it is important that you proceed to install WordPress . This will also allow you to choose the template that you like the most or represents your electronic store, in the same way you will see that there are several options that you can choose .

WooCommerce and other plugins

Plugins are all those softwares that are used to complement a Web page; In other words, they are programs that complement the functions of the entire Web cite and allow it to have various complementary applications.

In general, you will see that there are many types of plugin to edit and layout your website , whether it be audio, social or email, among others. In the case of plugins to build an online store, you will find several, however the best option is WordPress WooCommerce.

To install it, you will only have to go to the section where the plugins are searched and place the name, and thus you will get the complement and you will only have to select it to install it quickly. At this point you will have to configure your e-commerce website.

In general, the interface provided by this software is quite intuitive , so if you don’t have experience programming or using the WordPress platform, don’t worry, you’ll see that you’ll learn pretty quickly.

Likewise, the configuration is simple, you just have to go to the panel and in the appearance option you must choose one of the templates that you will find there. You will see that there is a wide variety, some are free options while others are paid .

By having the template selected, you just have to start adding the necessary information and grouping your inventory by categories, so that it is easier for the user to find the products you offer.

Finally, don’t forget to add all the necessary plugins for your online store to work efficiently; For this, it is advisable to have software that allows you to accept various payment methods such as PayPal. Likewise, you must also add a complement that facilitates communication between you and the prospects, and even a good idea will be to have the shipping service to facilitate the customer’s purchase.


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