How to remove the Windows 8 mode version of Google Chrome?

Google has looked for different ways to always optimize the user experience. Issues like Windows 8 mode for Chrome became quite popular. But with the evolution of Chrome versions, many of the details that this mode corrected have been optimized , making it no longer necessary.

The point is that many devices with this version of Windows run this display mode by default, making navigation a bit complicated. Therefore, we will explain below how to get rid of it in this way quickly and easily. You will see that you have very little to do.

What to do to remove Windows 8 mode? 

Getting rid of this mode is something really simple and quite fast, you don’t need to make major changes to your computer or anything like that. This mode, also known as Google Chrome Metro , has been developed to work with this version of Windows 8 .

The uninstallation is quite simple , you will only have to access the same Chrome and go to the menu. Identify it by the common logo of the three horizontal bars, once opened, you must go down and look for the option “Restart Chrome on the desktop”.

As soon as you do this, the app will close and restart in traditional mode, make sure you don’t have any important pages open. In the same way, you can reverse the process, in case you want to work with Windows 8 mode again.

A fairly simple procedure that you can use no matter what device you are using Windows 8 on. Remember that this mode is optimized for when the computer is used in tablet mode, therefore, if your computer has this option; It is best to use it only when necessary, as it will work to improve your browsing experience.

remove windows 8 mode

What is the difference between these two modes of Google Chrome?

The creation of the Windows 8 mode is due to the fact that W8 has a version known as Metro, which optimizes the experience. The differences between one mode and the other of Chrome are not very marked, but can be noticed depending on the device.

First of all, this special mode for Windows 8 erases all the borders and leaves the navigation window as if it were a floating app. In this way, the user can work and move on the screen easily and without overshadowing other applications.

Additionally, it manages to set Chrome to full screen always, so there is no risk of shrinking or closing the window by accident. In contrast to this, the normal browser mode has borders and the window can be configured as simply as it has always been possible.

Using one or the other of the modes depends on how the user chooses to experience using Windows 8. For some, using Chrome’s W8 mode is helpful as it makes it easier for them to navigate between apps.

Is an integration between these two facets of Chrome expected? 

Basically the Windows 8 mode of Chrome was a quick response to the launch of W8 , with its Metro version, as few knew about this detail. With the progress of the updates, it is expected that Chrome can be adapted between versions, in such a way that it is not necessary to have two applications.

This integration is somewhat predictable because from now on all Windows will have this mode, which will be known as tablet mode . That is why all the programs and applications that seek to stay in this OS must be adapted as soon as possible. This in order for users to stay active.


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