How to remove tabs from google chrome homepage

How to remove tabs from google chrome homepage.In one of the previous articles, we discussed how to remove the Reading List item from the bookmarks bar, and now there is a new request: how to remove the search by tabs button in the Chrome title bar.This step-by-step guide shows you the entire process to disable tabbed search in Google Chrome in less than a minute.

How to remove tabs from google chrome homepage

How to remove tabs from google chrome homepage

In order to disable tabbed search, which will also lead to the fact that the corresponding button in the title bar of Google Chrome disappears, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser and in the address bar (not to be confused with the search bar inside the browser window, pay attention to the arrow in the image below) enter

chrome: // flags

  1. The Experimental Features Setup page will open. In the search for these functions, enter Tab Search (search by tabs) to find the item we need.
  2. Instead of the first and second steps, you can immediately enter

chrome: // flags # enable-tab-search

in the address bar of your browser and press Enter.

  1. Select Disabledfrom the list on the right .
  2. After that, the “ Relaunch” button will appear at the bottom of the browser window to restart the browser with the changed parameters. Click it.

After restarting, tabbed search will disappear from Google Chrome, which is what we wanted.

Separately, I note: sometimes it happens that new functions of Google Chrome can be disabled after they appear, but over time, in future versions of the browser, the ability to disable them disappears: it cannot be ruled out that this will happen with tabbed search.

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