Automate switching between dark mode and light mode on Mac

If you like dark mode when ambient light is low, you might like to know that in newer versions of macOS it is possible to automate switching between light and dark modes based on the time of day. In addition, it is a really simple process and it will not take you more than a few seconds to apply, so if you are one of those who likes to switch between one mode and another depending on the time you are using the computer, keep reading now which is quite likely to be useful for you.

By default all Macs come with clear mode enabled. It is the mode that has been with us the longest, but for a few years now the dark mode is also present and more and more people choose to configure this mode on their Macs. Many users prefer to always keep the dark mode active, others the clear, but there is also the option to switch between the two modes when the user deems it or completely automatically as you can see in the following lines.

Automate switching between dark mode and light mode on Mac

Would you like to know how to switch between light and dark mode on Mac automatically based on the time of day? This is what you have to do to achieve it:

  1. Click on the icon with the apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen and in the drop-down menu choose the System Preferences option.
  2. In the new window that will appear, click on the General icon.
  3. At the top of the window you will see that the options appear to switch between light and dark modes and a third option called Automatic, which will be the one you must select.

From this point on, your Mac will switch between light and dark mode automatically . Specifically, it will activate dark mode from the time the sun sets in the location where you are and it will return to light mode from the time of sunrise.

Of course, if at any time you get tired of this configuration or prefer to use a different mode, you just have to repeat the previous steps and choose another of the modes manually . Another option is to ask Siri to switch to light mode or dark mode depending on which one you have active.

It is important to mention that the dark and light mode does not only affect macOS. Many applications already have this mode and as a general rule they switch between one mode and another when the Mac changes , so if you activate the automatic switch most apps will also change at the same moment as the rest of the operating system. Without a doubt, the latter will be something that you appreciate on a day-to-day basis.


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