How to remove guide points or dotted lines in SketchUp?

For design professionals, there is quite a long list that houses a good number of programs to choose from to meet their demands. Among many, Sketchup appears, which for beginning users, offers quick advice thanks to “guide points” or “dotted lines.” But how do you remove guide points or scored lines in SketchUp when they are not needed?

As expected, this is a couple of instruments available in SketchUp for the proper orientation of the plane, so that there are no glitches. Despite this, sometimes they only usually stand in the way of the designer’s work. So it is useful in a sense to dispense with the services of these options to continue the project.

What is SketchUp and what is it for?

It was formerly known as Google SketchUp because the technology industry giant bought its rights at that time . Years later it was renamed to its original name, after all its shares were transferred to the Trimbe company.

Sketchup is a software, program or application available for Windows and MacOS whose purpose is graphic design and 3D design as appropriate. In addition to Autocad, it is recognized by the engineering, architecture and designers community as an easily accessible element with an interface that does not represent a problem at all.

The designer is able to remove guide points or scored lines in SketchUp for creating 3D projects, and even for making and editing 3D texts with the tool.

All with a simplicity quite characteristic of the software, combining pre-established geometric aspects and the knowledge of the user to achieve a perfect finish. Keep in mind that Google Sketchup also allows you to insert a background to your work , everything is easy with practice.


Some call it “Google’s little Autocad” since it practically has a series of options similar to the Autocad program as such. SketchUp ensures the ideal creation of 3D models, from architectural infrastructures to a simple object like a small cup of coffee.

In the same way, this software comes equipped with a visual tutorial. And it  explains step by step its menu and the ways in which the options that are displayed there should be applied when entering the program. Helping new users to familiarize themselves with the application and contributing their designer knowledge.


Procedures for removing guide points or stitched lines in SketchUp

The guide points allow the user to draw geometric figures perfectly, following the order of the points step by step. Even so, sometimes it is more useful to do without them, since if they are “abused”, that is, if a large number of them are available, SketchUp tends to fail.


To remove the guide points or scored lines in SketchUp, you must first place the mouse cursor over the point to remove. Click on it and then press “Edit,” then “Hide” so that it disappears immediately.

If you want to remove them completely, just carry out the same procedure as before. But instead of opting for the hide option in the editing panel , finally press “Delete” so that these points as a whole are deleted from the project.

In the same vein, in addition to removing the guide points or dotted lines in SketchUp, you can erase the so-called TOPO lines. Press “Mesh” in the upper right corner so that only the lines are displayed. On the keyboard, press and hold the “Ctrl + A” keys so that all the lines are selected, then with the right click you can decide between “Hide” or “Delete” to finish with the procedure.


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