How to remove black lines on a printer

At some point it has happened to all of us that after doing a scanner and printing, we notice these terrible black lines on a printer , but what you don’t know is that this problem has a solution. We share with you some tricks to avoid this inconvenience and that your photocopies come out as impeccable as possible.

Learn how to eliminate those black lines in a photocopy, solve this problem quickly and efficiently

Eliminate black lines on a well-maintained printer

For your copier to function properly it is important to check it and perform the corresponding maintenance . You can do it yourself or hire a technician who can clean the glass of the equipment, which is often the cause of these black lines in a photocopy.

How to clean it?

If you decide to do it yourself, try to be very careful and carry out the cleaning in an isolated place where no one can interrupt you. Use a tissue moistened with alcohol, ensure that the tissue you choose does not leave residue or lint when cleaning to avoid going to the scanner and hindering cleaning.

It is also important that you check that the ink cartridges still contain ink, otherwise, when the cartridge is running low it can cause smudges on the photocopies as a sign that it is time for a next refill.

Restart the printer to avoid black lines

The vast majority of times the problem with black lines in a photocopy is that the equipment has been on for a long time and being used continuously throughout the day. Try turning it off for about 30 seconds to a minute, before turning it back on and ordering the photocopy.

It also verifies that all the connections are correct, since although it is something very rare, in some cases electrical interference can cause this problem of lines in the photocopy. When checking the connections, make a photocopy and review the result.

Contact an expert technician

If the problem persists after restarting the equipment, checking the connections and / or cleaning the glass, it is best to contact an expert technician who can open and verify the status of the machine in order to give you a complete diagnosis of your problem. If you do not know about the subject, avoid opening the printer yourself, to avoid causing damage to the equipment.

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