How to create a column chart combined with lines in Excel?

Thanks to the versatility of Excel to make graphs in a simple way, whether they are combined, double entry or speedometer graphs . These can be done using your computer version as well as using the web version of Excel . If you want to learn how to make a combo chart, here we show you how.

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  1. What does it take to make a combo chart?
    1. 2D graphic
    2. Scatter plot
    3. Bubble chart
  2. What are the ways to combine charts in Excel?
    1. With the option ‘change chart type’
    2. Adding a secondary axis to a chart
    3. With the ‘combined chart’ tool
  3. How to customize a combo chart?

What does it take to make a combo chart?

In order to make a combo chart, you need to combine multiple charts within the Excel worksheet. To do this, a 2D graph, a scatter graph and a bubble graph must be included, along with a table of values that handles all the data with which the graph must be governed.

2D graphic

In order to represent the data in our table and the main graph from which the rest of the graphs will be the 2D bar graph, this graph can be located in the insert area and in graphs we will select where the bars appear At the moment the options menu is displayed, you must choose the first graphic that mentions ‘Column in 2D’ and choose the first graphic that is shown depending on our need.

Scatter plot

We are going to use a scatter chart to be able to have a comparison between the various data, in case you have more than two data you can choose and modify the appearance of two of them and using the scatter charts to compare each other. To be able to add a scatter graph, you just have to right click on the bar graph already created and change the type of graph in the ‘Lines’ option, choosing lines or lines with markers . It can also be done using the ‘Scatter’ option choosing scatter with straight lines.

Bubble chart

You can add a bubble chart to create a greater difference between the other charts, being an extremely useful tool when you want to make a comparison between many data located in a single table and in the same chart.

What are the ways to combine charts in Excel?

The first thing is to create the main graph and to which the rest of the graphs will be added. To do this, it is recommended that the base chart be a bar chart , to create it you should only have the data table that will be included within the combined chart. Later, we are going to go to the ‘Insert’ tab, look for the three columns in graphs and choose in the ‘2D Column’ area the first option that is displayed called ‘Grouped columns’.

Then, the information must be linked to the graph, we will do this by right clicking on it so that a menu of options will be displayed where we will choose ‘Select data’ . When a pop-up window opens in add, we will add all the rows of our data table, each one in a different section, repeatedly clicking on ‘Add’.

With the option ‘change chart type’

To add another graph within the one we have created, you just have to right click on one of the bars to display a menu of options. There we must select the option ‘Change type of chart’ so that a pop-up window with numerous options appears. First, you must make sure you are located in the ‘Combined’ part found in the options on the right of the pop-up window.

We can see the name of the series that we have created and next to it a drop-down list with various graphic options. To add a scatter graph in this case, we just have to look in the ‘XY (scatter)’ drop-down list and select the ‘scatter with straight lines’ option. Similarly, the graphics in the ‘Lines’ area can be used as lines with markers or just lines.

Adding a secondary axis to a chart

In this pop-up window that has emerged, you can clearly see the name of the series that we have previously created when we add the data to the chart. On the left side of the window we will be shown several options, on the left the graph created with a drop-down list that has several graph options. Next to this are the names of each of the variants of the chart and the type of chart that is being used.

After that we are shown the ‘Secondary axis’ and a box that we can select and deselect to our liking, when choosing a box automatically the area of ​​the graph becomes the secondary axis, showing the other two as main ones. This can only be done if you are using a scatter plot.

With the ‘combined chart’ tool

In a much more direct and simple way is to create the combined chart using the tool that Excel brings to do it. You must  select all the data in the table that you want to make the chart and then click on ‘Insert’, go to the ‘Charts’ area and select combination charts and a combo chart will immediately appear.

How to customize a combo chart?

To be able to customize our graph in Excel, all we have to do is select the part of the brush on the right where it will show us designs already made. If you want to make a design from scratch, by selecting the graphic with a click, a menu will be displayed on the right side where in the part of the bucket you can modify its appearance, colors and checking the spelling.

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