What does a combined AliExpress delivery mean?

AliExpress is a huge shopping platform for all kinds of products. If after placing an order you are informed that you are going to receive a combined delivery, you will ask yourself: What does a combined delivery from AliExpress mean? We give you the answer.

The sale of cheap products is the main feature of AliExpress , an online platform that was born in 2010 and belongs to the Alibaba group . Most of these products come from the Asian market, something that must be taken into account in shipments.

Combined delivery on AliExpress is a package that will come to you with products that you have purchased from various sellers . This way, the delivery method will be much more practical since the articles are grouped in a single shipment. This was one of the requests of the users because they did not like receiving the products of each seller separately. With combined delivery you can save money on orders.

Among the advantages of this combined delivery is that when we receive a single package with all the products we do not have to go with several tracking numbers but only one, which makes the process much faster.

In addition, when you buy products in countries that limit the number of packages received from abroad per year, if everything arrives in a single shipment, you will have the option to buy more times and not exceed this limit.

Now that you know what a combined AliExpress delivery means, you should bear in mind that this type of delivery is not available on all the products offered in the application. Only some sellers offer this type of delivery, you will see it in the product description. In order for you to receive the combined delivery of several products or items, you must pay for all of them at the same time.

If from now on you are interested in buying items that have this type of combined delivery, AliExpress provides you with a filter called “Combined delivery” after performing a search for an item. Clicking on this filter will only show products that are included in this type of shipment.

In your shopping cart you can also see the products that have combined delivery and those that do not. If you pay for all the combined delivery at the same time, they will have the same order number.


If you have bought several products from different sellers and they arrive in a single shipment, you will wonder: why do AliExpress orders arrive together? Look at the reason.

AliExpress orders arrive together because they are part of a combined delivery . If they are small products, the fact that they come in a single shipment is much more advantageous for customs clearance.


Once you know what an AliExpress combined delivery means, you may wonder how long does a combined delivery order take on AliExpress? Something very interesting perhaps for your next purchase.

If the order with combined delivery has a cost of less than five euros, the delivery method will be AliExpress Saver Shipping, or what is the same, an ordinary and normal untracked shipment that has a reduced delivery time.

On the contrary, if the price of your order exceeds five euros, it will be sent by AliExpress Standard Shipping , a registered delivery system that will have a faster tracking number.


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