How to put moving text in Adobe Premiere Pro

Currently, you don’t have to have very deep knowledge about graphic design or video editing. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best alternatives to edit videos , it is possible to create or modify the files you want.

Next we will show you how to make one of the best effects for texts , which is the Text Balance effect in Premiere Pro step by step.

The Adobe Premiere Pro application is a tool that contains software that allows you to edit multimedia files. This works as a professional video editing tool . After a data rewrite, Adobe Premiere Pro was released in 2003, this is the continuation of Adobe Premiere that was released in 1991.

We can deduce that Adobe Premiere Pro is a software that was designed for the editing and production of multimedia materials, which was developed by Adobe in 2003.

The interface of Adobe Premiere Pro is adaptable, you can customize the characteristics such as audios, titles, colors, assembly, editing, effects, among others. This video editing tool allows you to work on multiple timelines that support special elements of the same concept as Photoshop.

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most useful and easy-to-use tools when it comes to video editing. It has been used as the video editor for important and recognized projects, such as the movie Deadpool, Maddona’s Confession Tour, Gone Girl , among others.

It is one of the most comprehensive programs in its category. Offering multiple really innovative tools to add and modify all the characteristics that the user wants in their videos.

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  1. When to put animated text in adobe Premiere
  2. How to create text animations in Premiere Pro step by step
  3. Learn how to use chart templates
  4. Import generated moving text in After Effects Pro

When to put animated text in adobe Premiere

The Adobe Premiere Pro program allows you to make text animations , and it also has templates that can be customized. To place the text balancing effect or create titles in movements, the text must first be created, this can be achieved within the application in the file window, added title.

Once there we can select the type of font that we want to use and other characteristics that we want the text to have. After creating and saving the text, the window closes to return to the central panel of Adobe Premiere Pro and drag the created text to place it in the desired sequence .

Once here we can find hundreds of effects in the sub folder of the video effects folder. Once selected, from the effect controls section it is applied to the text. Here we can modify and customize all the values ​​of the text until it is as we want.

Multiple effects can be added to the text, to achieve the balancing effect it is necessary to apply several to give it the impression we are looking for, such as basic 3D, and modify the values ​​so that it gives the impression that the text is move back and forth. This is achieved by modifying the value of the text in the video frames.

The most obvious advantage of this magnificent tool for video editing is undoubtedly its easy handling. Its simple and easy-to-use design gives anyone with basic computer skills the opportunity to create and edit their own videos simply and quickly.

Adobe Premiere Pro has the ability to work and import a huge number of codecs and test whether it is working or not, at the same time. Another advantage is the price of Adobe Premiere Pro. This certainly varies depending on each country, however its rate is relatively inexpensive and offers very complete plans.

The company that developed Premiere Pro, that is, Adobe, has many other tools within the world of video post-production and graphic design, such as Illustrator, Photoshop , among others. And Adobe Premiere Pro supports any of those, allowing you to import your files without any hassle no matter where they are from.

It is compatible with Windows operating system and macOS operating system . You can also edit files without having to convert them . You can work with images as well as with the audios of the files that we choose. The essential graphics module in Adobe Premiere Pro incorporates the latest features when transitioning images or adding captions to videos.

How to create text animations in Premiere Pro step by step

As a first step to make this effect, we will have to look for the text utility of our Premiere. This option can be fully customized to your liking, and you will not have to limit yourself by font or size. Once you have this done, you will have to write the text you want to animate.

With this you will have to take it to the current editing layer, this is at the bottom of the screen. Once here we can begin to apply the effects we want to the text, in our case we must look for ‘balance’.

Once we apply it, we will have to start playing with time, this is done through the clock that is right next to it. The latter can also be seen as boxes or frames , each frame is one second.
As for the values, we can play them, but it is recommended to start with a low value, then advance the time a little and raise the value. In this way the effect will be visible when playing.

Learn how to use chart templates

The templates in Premiere are a set of prefabricated effects, which are intended to make it easier to animate any object. This is done because using templates we will not have to enter the exact parameters for an effect to be displayed.

We will simply have to apply one or another template and the effect will be seen on the object , which if we will have to vary it will be its duration in time. These templates are generally created in other Adobe programs such as After Effects. These are simply created and exported to be used on other sites.

Import generated moving text in After Effects Pro

To import a file, the first thing you should do is open that session , once you have it open you will have to go to the options bar at the top. Then you open the first menu on the left and scroll down with the mouse to the part that says ‘Export’. This will open a window where we can select a location for the file.

If we want to send it to another computer, we will have to save it on a USB memory. Then we give it to save and it opens exported. Once this is done, we will have to open our Premiere and this time hit the ‘Import’ button. In the same way, a window will open, but this time we will open the file and it will load without problems.


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