How to recover Instagram account

Want to know how to recover stolen or lost Instagram account ? Here’s what to do to attempt to recover your lost account.

Sometimes it’s nice to take breaks from social networks, although these are interesting and in many cases extremely informative, work and commitments require priority. In the frenzy of daily tasks you may want to return to observe how the world moves on the web and maybe return to hibernation when you see fit.

If you are reading these lines, you most likely do not remember your login credentials and are looking for a solution on how to recover Instagram account.

In the next lines we will see all the possible ways to reset your Instagram password and credentials to return to immerse yourself in the most innovative platform of recent years. We recommend that you also read the article How to sell on Instagram and open your shop if you are interested in the less playful sides of this social network. Now it’s time to get your Instagram account back .


  • How to recover Instagram accounts whose credentials you do not remember
    • How to restore Instagram account without email
    • How to restore Instagram account without password
  • How to restore stolen Instagram account
  • How to restore permanently deleted Instagram account
  • How to restore disabled Instagram account
  • How to restore locked Instagram account

How to recover Instagram accounts whose credentials you do not remember

Fortunately, Instagram offers several methods to recover Instagram accounts , so that there is no confusion we will see them individually in the next dedicated paragraphs.

How to restore Instagram account without email

If you do not remember the e-mail to access your Instagram profile, you can retrieve the login credentials through the other data you provided at the time of registration. Specifically, the platform will ask you: telephone number or username or the telephone number connected to your account , but let’s see in detail how to do it.

The recovery procedure is valid whether you are recovering from smartphone or from Windows or Mac on the default browser.

  • Open the official Instagram app for Android or iOS , or the homepage of the site .
  • Enter the phone number or username you signed up with in the Loginwindow .
  • Continue by typing the password in the specified field.
  • Press on Sign into be directed to your Instagram profile without necessarily using the e-mail.

The platform allows you to log in even with just the phone number and password but you must necessarily have entered the number in the database. If you have changed your phone number after many years, it is advisable to update the reference in the settings and activate the double check function.

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How to restore Instagram account without password

Not remembering the e-mail is certainly less common than not remembering the password, right? Maybe the paper sheet where you wrote it is now a memory and the hard disk where you transcribed all the codes is now a thing of the past. All is not lost though, Instagram allows for very fast account recovery even if you have forgotten the keyword.

It will not be enough for you to click on the option Forgot your password? on the homepage of the official website or on the App at the time of Login. Here you will see a screen where there is the Login Problems section , look for the option that is useful to you and enter your username to have an email sent to you with the new link to access your account.

You can also choose to enter the phone number and receive an SMS with the reset link instead of the traditional e-mail.

If your choice concerns the sending of the e-mail, upon receiving it, click on the attached link and access your old Instagram account without password. You will also receive a six-digit code in the email that you must enter in the Confirmation Code section before logging into your user profile again.

If you want to solve the problem from the official App with an SMS, the procedure is very similar but you will have to click on the link in your Message App. Again, a six-digit code may be attached to be entered before fully accessing.

It is important to underline that it is impossible to access Instagram from your computer , here the procedure just examined does not exist and you must necessarily follow the Forgot Password? present on the homepage.

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How to restore stolen Instagram account

This paragraph is certainly among the most painful, if you are in the position of having to recover a stolen Instagram account, don’t worry, we are here to help you and not panic.

In order to understand the procedure for recovering your account, it is necessary to divide two conditions: you can log in and you cannot log in .

  • You can still log into your account: in this case everything is still in your hands and you just need to change your login password and activate the two-factor identification function. To improve the security of your Instagram account even more you need to go to your Profile. Access the Settings, by tapping on the 3 overlapping lines icon and select the Security item From here, you will be able to check Login Activities and unpair devices linked to the stolen account.
  • You cannot log in to your account: if the malefactor has already managed to sneak into your account and you can no longer log in, the first step is to check your email and search for the email sent from Instagram. This will inform you about changes made to the associated address. Select Cancel this change to inform the platform that you are completely unfamiliar with the facts by clicking on the secure your account link here .

This should be enough to log into your account again but in more serious cases you may need more support. Open the App, and if you are using an Android operating system, select the Get help with login option . The platform will ask you for some credentials, username or phone, followed by a section called Do you need further assistance? and then go to I can’t log in to this account . Don’t be afraid to select it and press on the hacked account, the procedure is guided until the account is unlocked.

With an Apple operating system, the process is identical.

How to restore permanently deleted Instagram account

Maybe you are among those who have decided to delete the Instagram account thinking of never returning, but now you want to dive back into the photographic platform par excellence? Unfortunately it is not possible to get back a deleted account , this is actually completely deleted when you make the request for deletion.

Perhaps you have not selected the deletion but the deactivation of the account , in this case you can still recover the data and your beautiful profile now abandoned.

To do this, just start the official app or go to the Instagram homepage and log in with your old credentials . The platform will make you visible to others as if you had never left, in case you do not remember your login credentials, you will find the solution in the previous paragraphs.

If you have deactivated only the Instagram account and not the Facebook one , you can log in using the blue platform account by clicking on Log in with Facebook in the login screen of the App.

How to restore disabled Instagram account

Sometimes we forget that social networks have community guidelines to respect and Terms of Use . If you are in the condition of having violated these rules, Instagram has most likely disabled your account and unfortunately it is absolutely not possible to recover it.

Although inappropriate behavior can cost you dearly, you may be in the condition of an unfair or mistaken disabling . In this case, you can appeal and recover your account .

The procedure is very simple:

  • Open the Instagram app and enter your login credentials.
  • Select the item More information. Several options will appear here, select Contact Us .

Instagram will offer you some answers and selecting the appropriate ones will help you fill out the report. The processing process is very fast, in a few hours you will receive an email with the instructions to follow to check your identity and restore the ideal account status in case the verification and conditions are in your favor.

If you don’t see any messages informing you that your account has been disabled, it could be a sign-in problem .

You can also try to contact Instagram by writing an email in English to these mailboxes:

How to restore locked Instagram account

An almost as unpleasant situation as the others is the possible blocking of the Instagram account . This problem arises mainly due to third-party applications that act in your place on your computer or smartphone. Instagram to preserve your data, after the unexpected attack, temporarily block the account .

In the event of a temporary block, just wait a few days, while a total block requires assistance . As examined in the previous paragraph, to contact the official Instagram help center you will need to connect to its official page .

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