How to Add Moving and 3D Text with Shotcut

Adding text to videos is one of the most common types of editing in post-production , which is very useful depending on the type of video content. For this reason it is important to learn how to add moving and 3D text using Shotcut .

In this article we explain how to add any type of text with Shotcut , one of the free editing programs for Windows.


  1. How can you add texts to videos edited from Shotcut?
  2. Edits that can be added to the text once it has been inserted
    1. Add normal text overlays
    2. moving texts
    3. Add 3D texts

How can you add texts to videos edited from Shotcut?

Texts are considered to be the easiest edits to insert during video playback, but the difficulty varies when you want to add effects. These are the steps you must follow to add text from Shotcut :

  1. To insert simple text, Shotcutrequires media to be loaded to make the layout as efficient as possible .
  2. Once the video is imported, you can start editing it by selecting the « Timeline» tab at the bottom left of the screen .
  3. On the timeline, you’ll need to drag the imported video image to select where to insert the message in time. This option is available in the « Filter » tab.
  4. If you drop down the menu, you will find the “ Text” option at the bottom of the list, where you just have to write the content to be automatically inserted into the video image.

Edits that can be added to the text once it has been inserted

The most important change that can be made to a text is available when the « Text » option is selected. By this we refer, among other things, to the configuration of the font, its color, size and arrangement in the image .

However, Shotcut stands out for not limiting its designs to such basic editions . For this reason, its users have discovered new ways to improve the appearance of the texts added to their videos.

Add normal text overlays

As the name implies, the text is simply inserted over the video in a ” normal overlay “.

To avoid doing something simple, you can play with the color settings, the font style or the arrangement of the letters to give the result a personal touch.

moving texts

Although there is no option to perform this action directly, the texts have the option of adding transitions and animations . Choose the ones you like best and combine them as you like to create the desired motion effect for the text in your video.

Add 3D texts

As in the case of normal text overlays and GIFs with 3D animated text, there is also an option in Shotcut’s filters menu that makes it easy for users who want to integrate the text into the image.

Once selected, a settings menu appears in the left column of the screen, allowing the user to choose the colors, font, 3D effect, among others .

One of the biggest advantages of Shotcut is that it makes it easy to edit imported videos through its simple interface . It always tries to offer the best experience and results to its users.

Now you know how to add moving text, normal and 3D overlays to videos . This is very useful for those who want to reach a larger audience through their videos.


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