Tips for Moving from Mac to Windows PC

This post provides tips for users planning to switch from Mac to Windows PC, including how to install and transfer files from Mac to Windows PC. This will be of interest to those Mac users planning to upgrade to Windows 8/7, or those who need to use a Windows PC at home or work.

Switch from Mac to Windows PC

As a Mac user, you will be familiar with all the applications and tools available on the Mac. This post will also take a quick look at the comparable applications, services, features and tools that are present in Windows, allowing you to accomplish the same tasks as its Mac counterparts.

If you installed Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp, you have a dual boot system with Mac OS on one partition and Windows on another. The next thing you want to do is transfer files from Mac to Windows PC .

Apps you’ve used on Mac and its equivalent or similar app on Windows

Mac Window
Finder Windows Explorer
Mac App Store Windows Store
Mac Mail Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook
Safari Browser Internet Explorer
Apple iTunes Windows Media Player
Photo Booth Windows Live Movie Maker
IPhoto Windows Live Photo Gallery
Facetime Windows Live Messenger or Skype
iCal Windows Live Calendar or Microsoft Office Outlook
The address book Windows Live People or Microsoft Office Outlook

Other comparable tools, folders and functions

Mac Window
LaunchPad All programs on the Start menu
Flight control Task bar
stack of documents User’s personal folder
boot stack Downloads folder in user folders
Basket Basket
Spotlight Windows Search
Time Machine Windows Backup and System Restore
Apple Care Windows Help
System settings to personalize settings Personalization

There are several other Windows services, features, websites, security features, and applications to help you get the most out of your Windows PC.

Some of them:

  1. PC Health
  2. Event center
  3. Windows firewall
  4. Windows Update
  5. User account control
  6. Bitlocker (Encryption)
  7. Windows Defender
  8. Microsoft Security Essentials
  9. Windows Live Family Safety.

You can read more about this at KB2677167.

You may also need to familiarize yourself with some of the Windows features. See this post if you need help getting from Mac to Surface.

This post shows you how to transfer or move important documents, data and files from Windows PC to Mac using Windows Migration Assistant.

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