How to Crop Portrait Videos in Adobe Premiere

Social networks have become one of the main platforms to upload creative and original videos, to the point that just by having a lot of followers and your videos going viral you can make money with it. Therefore, if you are an influencer and want to edit your videos like a professional, learn how to edit videos with Adobe Premiere Pro .

This program allows professional video editing, has a simple and easy-to-use interface. It is a fully integrated and functional application with which you can make all the edits you want to make your video look perfect. In that sense, in this tutorial we will teach you how to crop videos in portrait format in Adobe Premiere , so pay the following details below.

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  1. In what ways can you crop portrait videos in Adobe Premiere?
    1. Using the effect I cut out
    2. With the position and scale tools
    3. Restoring it to modern standards
  2. What is the correct way to edit a video in portrait display in Adobe premiere?
  3. Why can’t you effectively trim or edit a video in Adobe premiere?

In what ways can you crop portrait videos in Adobe Premiere?

Thanks to all the functions and features that Adobe has, it has made it one of the most popular software, for example, you can use it to create a GIF or moving image . You will certainly not regret using it. On the other hand, in this section, carefully follow the steps to trim videos in portrait format in the following ways:

Using the effect I cut out

The first thing to do is open the Adobe application to import a video , for that, drag the video and drop it into the program, another way to do it is by double clicking on the imported files section and looking for the video within Adobe. Then, it is necessary to make a sequence in order to adapt the dimensions to the vertical format.

To do this, you need to right click and select the ‘Clip Sequence’ option. After that, a window with the name of Sequence Configuration will open, after which in Video you must configure the size of the same with a dimension of 1080 pixels horizontally and vertically about 1908 pixels, and that the aspect is 9:16 .

Afterwards, go to Effects section and then to video effects, after which head to the Transform option and finally Crop. Drag the video to the timeline and drop it to be able to do the clipping effect in the Effect Controls category, there be sure to make the necessary adjustments to trim the video.

With the position and scale tools

The position and scale method allows your video to fit the screen, even if the aspect ratio seems a bit awkward, and just like the previous process you need to sequence the video and set the aspect ratio to 9:16 In order to do the steps mentioned below:

First, you need to select the video and in the motion effects option go to Position and scale . Then adjust the values ​​the way you prefer, usually this has a position with two axes, that is, X and Y. However, in Adobe Premiere it has a single default value.

In fact, if your video does not contain text, as in other cases where it is necessary to place subtitles in a video , you can make the background of it look blurry and this can be done in the video effects option and select Gaussian Blur or also create a Matte Color to fill the background of your video with a single color.

Restoring it to modern standards

Another last but not least option is to adjust the video to modern standards . In fact, when the world of vertical videos began due to the fact that important social networks such as Instagram and YouTube implemented this format on their platform, they have become popular.

What’s more, in Instagram stories, TikTok videos or short YouTube videos we can see that all of them are placed in this way, even the screen of our phones are designed in this way, and when we record videos it presents us with several options in the format as we want to edit our video. So use the explained methods to cut your videos vertically.

What is the correct way to edit a video in portrait display in Adobe premiere?

The two options presented above for cropping videos in vertical display are the most used to accomplish that end. That is, using the crop effect or the position and scale tool, however, there is no correct way, as both are useful for this.

Rather, it depends on how you want to work your video , whether it is slightly vertically or horizontally and you want to turn it vertically. Therefore, it is up to you which is the correct way to edit it, the truth is that both ways meet this objective.

Why can’t you effectively trim or edit a video in Adobe premiere?

However, like all computer programs, these can present problems, so it does not allow us to carry out certain actions effectively. In case of not being able to trim the video, these are some of the problems that may arise: first, presenting problems when importing the video or when playing them, also due to not being able to configure the sequences of the video .

On the other hand, keep in mind the file formats that Adobe accepts on its platform, since it is likely that this software cannot decode the files of a video encoded with a codec that is not installed on your PC or that it is wrong. designed. But, you should not worry because if you run into problems at the time of editing, contact Adobe premiere technical support in order to find solutions.

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