How to Use the NINJA Effect with Premiere Pro

When we think of professional video editors without watermarks , what better option than Adobe Premiere Pro. This tool offers us a world of options and possibilities to be able to create, edit and add videos creatively and, of course, aesthetically. Thus being the leading video editor in the field of films.

The creation and integration with other applications and also services will allow us to make the best video and film editions of the same range. There are infinities of applications and tools that also offer us various options and categories. But not in the quality that Premiere Pro does, being one of the most requested and used in its branch.

This application has and offers us an interface that we can customize, organized in different workspaces that coincide in their default with the edition. That is, in terms of changing and correcting colors , effects, audio, and titles. Likewise, it allows us to carry out work in a hierarchical way , with multiple sequences.

In the same way we can observe within this a library of various effects that allows us to extend it by means of the previous installation of plugins. This to improve their quality and conditions, these effects can be animated by a small frame system.

Although there are more programs as alternatives to Premiere , in this article we are going to show you how to do the NINJA effect in Premiere Pro .

The first thing we must do or perform in order to start a new project in this tool is. Enter directly to the program where the start window will appear. There we must select the option “new project”, we quickly enter a name and the location where we want it to be saved. It would be best to use a simple location so that you can easily find it ahead.

We will see that the program reflects four monitors for different tasks , here we select the option we prefer to use, then loading the file we want. It also offers us the option of ” sequence ”, it is where we are going to add our file or totally original material and then edit it and others.

We can add intros for our project, it can be through a title to make it more creative and eye-catching. Also if we want to verify the possible errors within our edition , such as excess parts of videos, we can click where it says ” blade tool, and we select what we want to ignore.

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  1. How to install Premier Pro on my PC
  2. How can I animate a text using Premier Pro
  3. Can I add more than two effects to a single text?
  4. What plug-ins can I use in Premiere Pro to erase background sound?
    1. ERA-4 Noise Remover
    2. ERA-4 Reverb Remover
  5. Ninja-like sound effect apps

How to install Premier Pro on my PC

It is important to know this, in order to fully enjoy this productive tool, we must first have the latest version of Google Chrome. Or, failing that, any other browser of our preference. Also make sure you have a valid Adobe ID, if not.

By doing the aforementioned, we must immediately disable the blockers in the browser. Since this speeds up the installation process, we then search the web for the name of this platform. We click on download, making sure we are connected to the internet so that the automatic installation is completed in its entirety, it’s that simple!

How can I animate a text using Premier Pro

To be able to carry out this effect we must of course enter the beginning of the platform , the first thing to do is, click on the option ” file ” then new ” and then ” added title ”, then we click on ” to accept”.

We write what we want in the title and choose the source ” impact ”, save it and then slide it to the sequence option, once there we click on ” effect controls ”, three icons will appear, among them a pen, which is the one we must select, we make diagonal clicks where we want the effect to be observed within the image or in this case the text.

Thus creating a ” mask ” and in this same option we lower it to zero, save a copy of our title and press the ” alt ” key and click on the title, then drag up, then select the entire title and We will see how we have an almost invisible parallel line.

We go to the “movement” option and as we can see the text moves together with the ninja effect , we adjust the position we want, and voila, we save the effect and we will immediately obtain what we were looking for.

Can I add more than two effects to a single text?

Currently Premiere allows you to add many effects to the same text, generally in professional jobs this is the rule. Only one effect is rarely used for professional work.

What plug-ins can I use in Premiere Pro to erase background sound?

The reduction or complete elimination of the noise and reverses present in an audio, is usually one of the first things that is done when looking to restore a file. This is because by eliminating these factors, a much cleaner and more understandable audio can be obtained. For this purpose, we can use two well-known plugins, which are ERA-4 Noise Remover and ERA-4 Reverb Remover.

ERA-4 Noise Remover

This plug-in is especially useful for reducing noise in a recording almost entirely. Being possible to suppress this noise efficiently even from recordings made in the open air.

This plugin not only reduces noise , but also manages to improve the audio a bit, it can be used in any audio and its use is not too complex. Something that makes it special is that it achieves noise reduction without taking a previous sample and also does not give a robotic effect to the recording.

This is excellent for professional audio editing for short films. Its operation is summarized in a database with all kinds of sounds that are commonly annoying, examples of this can be noise from cars, compressors, machines in general and any noise that may distract from the main recording.

ERA-4 Reverb Remover

As the name suggests, this plugin is used to remove reverb in an audio file. This plugin is capable of converting audio recorded with low quality , into files that appear to have been recorded in a professional studio. This is because it is able to separate the important audio from all the rest of the recording.

It can be added to Premiere easily and when applied it does not take too long to process the audio. It is currently in development, but it is already capable of repairing files in high, low and medium frequencies.

Ninja-like sound effect apps

Video Maker can be found for free in the Play Store, this app, as its name suggests, is focused on video editing. It does this by adding all kinds of effects to the full application itself. However, something to keep in mind is that some of these items are payments. Additionally you can do other things like trim the video and join several videos.

Another interesting app is Cute Cut , a fairly lightweight app that allows you to add various effects to videos. This app is widely used for causal things and without much quality, so if you want something professional, it is best that you opt for a more developed app.

Finally, for those who want to edit their videos in a more professional way , there is FilmoraGO, a free mobile app with which you can add all kinds of effects to a video file. The app has a free version that incorporates even more effects, but it can be used for free without problems.

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