How to change your default Gmail account

Changing a default ‘Gmail’ account for a different one is one of the most common things users want to do. ‘Google’ services have been on the market for over 20 years. Just thinking that there might be an outage in Google services would be catastrophic.

‘Google’ has taken over the world markets, offering multiple tools , both physical and digital, especially the latter. This company is one of the most important in the world, its tireless trajectory is oriented to the development of products such as: Operating Systems, Applications, Browsers , and other tools, including smartphones, tablets, speakers, watches, among others.

Changing a default ‘Gmail’ account for a different one belongs to one of the actions preferred by users of this service. Primarily when ‘Google’ has become an exclusive service for millions of users, and this tool is unique, because it breaks the rules and exceeds the expectations of many.

The relatively short life that ‘Gmail’ has on the market is impressive, compared to other services such as: ‘Hotmail’, ‘Yahoo’ and other types of emails . ‘Google’ through its ‘Gmail’ mail system offers many benefits, compared to other services.

One of the main benefits of ‘Gmail’ is the strong protection it offers against ‘Spam’ content or junk emails, it also offers the possibility of communicating in real time, through an email message or its ‘Chat’ integrated , it has: the ability to send voice notes, emoticons, videos and other files.

It also houses a large storage capacity , it is completely free and, in addition, it can be used on computers, tablets and, especially on smartphones such as ‘Android’, for these reasons you must use this incredible service.

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  1. How to use two GMAIL accounts on the same device
    1. On Android
    2. On iPhone
    3. On Chromebook
  2. How to add more accounts to your cell phone
  3. How to link other accounts to your default Gmail account
  4. Learn how to transfer your Google account to another phone

How to use two GMAIL accounts on the same device

Currently it is very common to have more than one Gmail email or Google account . For this reason it was implemented that the devices could open them all without problems. Currently you can add up to four accounts at the same time and the process for this varies depending on the terminal’s operating system.

On Android

In Android the process is extremely simple , first you will have to open the Google browser and then look for the icon where your identification appears. This is on the right-hand side of the screen and is a bubble.

By tapping on this photo, a menu will open with your account details. You should look for the button to add a new one. Pressing it will show you a new menu where it will ask you to enter the email and password of said account and finally press accept.

Once this is done, you will have added a new account, in case you have more to add, you just have to follow the process from the beginning.

On iPhone

In iPhone things change a bit, here you will have to go to the Gmail settings that are in the main list of device settings. If you slide your finger a little you can find this selection. When you open it, you will have to go down a bit to find the add account button.

Once there, just add your data and press accept when you are done, with this you will have your account added to the application.

On Chromebook

The Chromebook system is managed with a Google user, therefore, if you want to add a new one, you will have to log out of the previous one. To do this you simply have to go to the right corner where the date appears. If you click here you will see a button to close your session.

Once this is done, your normal account will appear, but also the add button will be added and you can press it. When you do this, you just need to fill in the information and confirm your identity and that’s it.

How to add more accounts to your cell phone

Change a default ‘Gmail’ account for a different one, it is only possible if you have a ‘Google’ account or email in ‘Gmail’. The majority of ‘Google’ users have been loyal in recent years and, even more so since ‘Android’ devices gained the highest popularity in the market, obviously during the fall of ‘Blackberry’.

Creating a ‘Google’ email account for your Android , or a ‘Gmail’ email account is basically the same, only the steps to do it vary depending on the device. Although the steps are somewhat different, you can enjoy the same functions, of course, if we talk about using the service on a computer, since if you use the ‘Google’ service on an ‘Android’ the experience will be more complete.

Without further ado, to create a ‘Gmail’ account from your computer, you just have to go to the ‘Google’ search bar, position yourself in the upper right and ‘Click’ on the blue button that says ‘Sign In’ , press ‘Create Account’, complete the form, such as: name and surname, email address, telephone, among others, just continue the instructions and that’s it.

How to link other accounts to your default Gmail account

To do this you will simply have to start with your other accounts on the same device. This is very similar to how it would be done on Android because you first have to open the Google browser and search for your profile. Here you can add as many accounts as you want and it is not necessary that whenever you are going to use them you have to enter the password.

Once you have your accounts added , you can switch from one to another with a single click and without the need for passwords.

Learn how to transfer your Google account to another phone

It is hard to believe that you can change a default ‘Gmail’ account for a different one, but it is something that is easy to do. The ‘Gmail’ service is one of the unbeatable resources that have existed for years, millions of users have created an email account in ‘Gmail’

The ‘Gmail’ service allows user interaction through email text messages, this tool comes from the package offered by ‘Google’. It is hard to believe that in previous years, this email system was not as widely used, as many users considered it to be a bit clunky and slow.

To change a default ‘Gmail’ account for a different one , you must enter the main Gmail tray, then drag the mouse to the upper right, where your profile is, click ‘Click’ and select the option ‘Close Session’ .

Subsequently, you must go back to ‘’ press ‘Login’, write the address of the account and then select ‘Next’ and that’s it. It is a fairly simple process, you can run it on the device of your choice , be it a computer, smartphone or tablet, the important thing is to follow the instructions.

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