How To Make Split Screen Effect In Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is non-linear audio and video editing software , now known as VEGAS Pro . Acquired by MAGIX, hence the name change, it is a software designed for PC that is essential for all publishers. In this tutorial we will focus on the steps you must follow to join several videos easily and simply.

How to Join Multiple Videos in Split Screen or Split Screen in Sony Vegas Pro Easily

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  1. What should I take into account before starting the recording?
  2. How to apply split screen effect in Sony Vegas Pro
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  3. How can I create the shared screen with the animation alignment tool
  4. Effects you can make with Sony Vegas Pro

What should I take into account before starting the recording?

Anyone who edits videos knows that one of the most important points for a good video is to record it correctly . For this reason, it is essential that before starting the editing process, you verify that you have a quality recording.

Verify that there is no lack of light, that the framing is adequate, that the focus is appropriate and other relevant factors. This is certainly not advice specifically for this case, in fact, it is something that you should handle every time you go to do a video production .

On the other hand, during the production process, that is, video editing, it is also important that you take into account certain criteria. In any case, the main thing is that you see the project several times before exporting it , in this way you will verify that everything is correct.

How to apply split screen effect in Sony Vegas Pro

It is one of the methods used by editors to compare multiple videos , especially if you are just an editor. In addition to being a great help when comparing the resolution of graphics cards, etc. And follow these steps.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is, enter Sony Vegas Pro and choose the videos that you are going to join. Choose the scene, if you want them to play at the same time you must place it one on top of the other. Otherwise, if you placed it next to it, the first video would be played followed by the other and not both.

Step 2

We select the first video, in the settings option, we click the trim and move option . A new window will appear, there we will change the size of the video, by doing so we will see the second video behind.

Step 3

Drag the video to the left and save the edit by clicking on the split screen and then closing it . Do the same with the second video, only this time you should drag it to the right.

Remember to preview the edited video and thus check that it is correct , you can do it using the space bar. Now, if what you want is for both videos to be displayed in full screen without a black margin, follow these steps:

Step 1

The first thing we must do is, go to Panning of Events, we click on Restore, going back to the beginning. We select the first video, we touch the settings option, panning of events, Mask and select the rectangular icon . There we move a line to take half of the video, this is between pause and stop in preview.

Step 2

Choose which part of the video to see, click on the diamond icon to be able to move it to its position. With the Adjust to Scale option, it will be moved automatically , on the other hand, if you deactivate it, it will be by millimeter. Mute the first video so it won’t play while you do the same steps with the second video.

Those were the steps to divide the screen with Sony Vegas Pro , this procedure can be done with up to four videos. Another audio and video editor with which you can also do it in Premiere Pro.

How can I create the shared screen with the animation alignment tool

The alignment of animations is not an effect in itself, in fact, it is a function that seeks that the videos are aligned correctly. In other words, this will help the videos to be properly oriented when combined with others. You can access these types of functions with plugins like Boris RED and others like it.

Anyway, you don’t need to use a plugin or add-on, you just have to make sure you position the video properly when doing the split screen process. In fact, if you do it correctly you will rarely have to resort to other tools.

Effects you can make with Sony Vegas Pro

These effects turn out to be very important for every video editor, below we will talk about 10 of them so that you notice the unique advantages of the software.

  1. The Light Leaks effect: with it you will give your videos a more professional view. This effect is fully customizable for any video, promotion and even for music playback or for different purposes.
  2. Motion Effects : You can use either Slow Motion or Fast Motion. You can use the slow for emotional or dramatic moments and the fast for action scenes, cars, people walking, etc.
  3. Film Grain or Grain Effect: with it you can give your videos a more professional and cinematographic touch.
  4. Add borders: with this effect you will give it a more personal touch and lower the resolution making it more aesthetic.
  5. FX Masking: you can use it to blur or cut out a person’s face or logo without affecting the video.
  6. Color Match or Color Match: With it you can match or combine colors and balance the video.
  7. Widescreem or Widescreen: With this effect you will make your videos looklike a Hollywood

If you find it complicated, another one that you can use if you are a beginner is Wondershare Filmora, it is cheap and easy to use. However, a problem that it presents is the watermarks , do not worry, this has a very easy solution.

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