How to put italic and bold font on Facebook?

It is very common to want to put bold letters on Facebook , after seeing a user use them. Either for the purpose of giving your account more style by writing differently or because you just want to learn how to do it. In the same way, if you are going to create content with strikethrough, italicized or stylized text, you should know that you can do it on Facebook web version or on your cell phone.

Therefore, if we take into account the fact that the method of putting bold, italics or strikethrough is valid for all devices, this will be easy. Since writing with these styles is done with various keyboard symbols and not from any specific function of the Facebook application. Also, in this article we are going to show you how to put bold letters on Facebook or similar changes.

How to put italics and bold on FACEBOOK? – From Mobile and PC

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  1. How to use italics, bold and underline on Facebook?
    1. How to Cursive on Facebook
    2. Use bold letters on Facebook
    3. How to underline a text on Facebook?
    4. Write Strikethrough on Facebook
  2. Steps to follow to make a header on Facebook

How to use italics, bold and underline on Facebook?

This type of writing is very easy to use on a computer from a text program such as Word. But on the cell phone there is no option to write with italics, bold and underline, or so you thought. Well, to put bold letters on Facebook it is a trick known as Mark Down language .

This consists of writing and enclosing that text between a specific type of signs, so that it becomes a class of style. For example, if on your cell phone you write your name between two asterisks, in this way, *bold*, the text will appear with this style.

So the bold letters on Facebook, the secrets and tricks are based on these symbols. Of course, as long as you know what each sign means , you can write it the way it should. And another interesting thing is that in addition to putting bold, italic, or underlined letters on Facebook, you can use this writing when commenting on Facebook stories .

How to Cursive on Facebook

In the event that you want to place the font in italics , from your cell phone, in a Facebook post . You just have to enter the application and then in the ‘New publication’ section. There will be the option to add a letter, so that you can write in italics what you want to upload.

Once you finish writing all the text you want, you just have to add an asterisk (*) at the beginning without any space. On the other hand, add another one at the end, thus changing all text to *italic* . This type of writing can also help you when putting a name without surnames on Facebook .

Use bold letters on Facebook

If you want to highlight a text in a post or a chat, putting bold letters on Facebook is the best solution. The incredible thing is that you have the option to do it from your cell phone or on the web, since the method is valid for almost any operating system. The only thing is that you need the latest version of the app, otherwise you won’t be able to bold, italicize or make awesome posts.

So, there are two methods in case one doesn’t work for you. The first is to use a text generator like Lingojam, which allows you to use a large number of special designs. To use it, you just have to enter the page and write the word you want, of course, or a paragraph if you prefer. Once this is done, you proceed to copy the text with the style you choose and paste it in a Facebook chat or post and that’s it.

This way is the best, because in addition to putting bold letters on Facebook, it also changes the size a bit and in some cases adds different icons. It’s great if you want to shine your content above others. In the same way, if you just want to highlight some text, or a specific word, you just have to put an asterisk at the beginning and another at the end .

How to underline a text on Facebook?

To place a line below the letters, you just have to write your text, it’s any generator . Well, Facebook has the ability to display a paragraph with these characters, but not to make them. Therefore, you just have to create your content and paste it in the create post section.

There are generators like Lingojam that have a large number of layouts. With this website you have the option to put bold letters on Facebook with emojis, italics, strikethrough and clear combined underlining. It is your decision to put the content you want, because any text you want to write is modified according to the page format .

Write Strikethrough on Facebook

Perhaps you have been surprised to put bold letters on Facebook, then with this simple and practical trick you can make the writing stand out in an incredible way. The good thing is that these types of tricks do not only work with Facebook, but you can also use a different font on WhatsApp, Twitter and other social networks without doing anything else.

Now we are going to teach you one more trick that will work very well for you when writing in a different way. Well , it is the strikethrough , of course, that although it seems not very useful, you have the option of combining it with bold or italics. In order to make the paragraphs eye-catching to the naked eye.

The correct way to do this typeface is with tildes (~) . That is, you have to apply the same method of bold letters on Facebook, that is, put the symbol at the beginning and at the end. This modifies the text as desired. Similarly, if the changes you want are not made, then update the application or use a text generator that suits your needs.

Steps to follow to make a header on Facebook

Headings are mostly used to emphasize a list of priorities, from top to bottom. For this you will have to add a numeral (#) at the beginning of the word and at the end of the sentence you will add (H1). It depends on the heading you want to highlight, you will notice that the less priority it has, it is identified with a higher number.

Also, these have a numbering limit , since you can use it up to six (H6). That is, from there the header ends. You can also use this type of writing while having a conversation on Facebook . Of course, the bold letters on Facebook also apply to other sections apart from the chat or post. It just pastes the content copied from the generator.


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