How to write in bold on Facebook

Social networks usually implement updates from time to time, essential to reward users with new and interesting features. One of those that over time maintains an upward line of changes is Facebook, a social network created by the well-known Mark Zuckerberg back in 2004.

Despite the competition, Facebook has been innovating and staying as the truly important, in addition to buying other services such as Instagram, WhatsApp or Face, among others. The page is still at the top , all according to data from Statista, who positions it as the first in this year 2021.

Many ask the question of how to write in bold on Facebook , which they have seen from some of their contacts on the social network. The process takes a bit of learning, for this it is important to follow a few guidelines to achieve it and write differently from the rest.


  • 1 What is the use of changing the letter?
  • 2 The usefulness of bold
  • 3 How to write in bold on Facebook
  • 4 YayText
  • 5 Fsymbols
  • 6 Bold on Facebook with apps

What is the use of changing the letter?

With the bold you will highlight the written messages , either on your wall or in the comments of the added contacts, the same thing that happens on the Instagram network. The messages are written in a normal typeface, so highlighting it will make you stand out from other types of messages.

The posts you write are going to be great, the bold is used to highlight any short phrase, also for long texts and things that we have to put for all the followers. If you write in capital letters and you do it highlighting the message, many people will read you, it is usually used for that.


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If you use it to launch a campaign or help, it is valid , especially if you want to stand out from all the messages on the social network, in this case from those who follow you. Facebook has been working over the years to improve the user experience and has managed to improve aesthetically.

The usefulness of bold

The bold as well as the italics are useful when paying attention to the message , it will serve in many cases and therefore it is advisable to use it at certain times. The impact of the message will be greater than writing a text without the bold, advisable if you are going to launch a message in general.

Many use it when creating an ad, either to sell, give away or if you require a service from a professional. If you want to highlight an opinion when commenting, use bold , with this you will be the one highlighted until many messages arrive.

It will not position better in the search engine, despite this it is good to have it as an alternative if you want to highlight any of the phrases, if you like poetry it is key to consider it. Writing in bold on Facebook stands out and does not rank for the moment, but they may reconsider.


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How to write in bold on Facebook

There are several options when it comes to writing in bold on Facebook , including format converters, useful if you want to choose a different font. Besides, we can emphasize the bold in the text that we want to put just by copying it.


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With the converters it is not necessary to have an application installed on the device or on the computer, apart from that it will not increase the consumption of memory or storage. Online methods have been growing in recent times, showing their versatility.


YayText was launched to write in bold on the most popular social networks , including Facebook, Tuenti and other networks, including MySpace. Facebook benefits from all the extras, apart from being able to choose a font, all quickly.

It is perfect for writing in bold on Facebook , the available ones are: Bold (serif), Bold (sans), Italic (serif), Italic (sans), Bold / Italic (serif) and Bold / Italic (sans). The operation of this service is as follows:

  • Open the YayText page
  • Enter the text you want to convert and copy and then paste the text you want to highlight in a darker tone than normal
  • Replace the text and hit publish to take effect


It’s more than just a bold font converter for Facebook, the service goes beyond that and engages in other things that others don’t. It is a complete kit if you want to be one of those who stand out on the Facebook social network, it also works on others such as Instagram and Twitter.

Apart from the bold you can underline, cross out and use italics, in addition to making the letter with symbols, being unreadable for some. It is a page that over time has grown, especially due to the new additions, it is worth mentioning that it is a site that you cannot miss if you are looking to do different things.

The operation of Fsymbols is as follows:

  • You open the Fsymbols address and wait for it to load everything completely
  • Write the publication in the box
  • Give Generator / Bold and copy to take it to whatever site you want, whether it’s Facebook or another social network, right on the side you hit “Copy” and that’s it, you can take it to Facebook

Bold on Facebook with apps

An existing possibility of writing in bold on Facebook is through applications , here there are many available in the Play Store. The user can benefit both by writing text and by formatting it, all in a similar way to online services.

We show you two applications to consider, especially for speed and being both the ones that many users continue to use today. It is enough to write, select the bold , give to copy and then to paste in the social network, it does not have a science or any mystery.

Fonts: Font and typeface

It is a simple application used for Instagram , although like others the text is imported to Facebook and other well-known online networks. Fonts: Font and typeface is free and it is one of the easiest apps today, since it is to write, choose the font, the bold and copy.


Fonts: Font and typeface for Instagram

Developer: Luminar

Price: Free


He writes in numerous sources, but the best thing about the application is to use bold in other networks in which there are no missing pages such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. The application is intuitive, and it is constantly updated to provide new features for users.


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