How to copy YouTube comments?

YouTube is the best online video platform , there people upload videos of all kinds of content. Here you will see musical artists, influencers, movie creators, movie actors and even certain renowned chefs participate. All people post videos of the work in which they specialize. Likewise, you can copy a comment from YouTube regardless of its author.

When you have a certain amount of subscribers, your YouTube channel starts to monetize and you start to earn money. Now, in each of the videos that are published, there is an exclusive section for people who want to comment on it. If you want to know how to copy a YouTube comment, you will have to follow some very simple steps. The best thing is that you can activate the dark mode of YouTube, and copy text without problems , as this does not affect anything.

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  1. How to copy the text of a YouTube comment from my mobile?
    1. Copy YouTube comments from my Android
    2. Copy the text of a comment from YouTube on iOS
  2. How to copy YouTube comment text from my PC?
    1. with Windows
    2. From Mac
  3. How else can you copy texts inside a computer?
  4. How to copy a text from YouTube?
  5. How to copy the description of a YouTube video?

How to copy the text of a YouTube comment from my mobile?

Depending on the phone you have , the method of copying a YouTube comment will change a bit. In the case of Android and iOS devices, the applications, although they are the same, inside they turn out to be very different. Because some of its functions change drastically, such as keyboard shortcuts, the way to copy text, among others.

Copy YouTube comments from my Android

All cell phones with Android system have applications already installed and YouTube is one of them. Only it is possible that it does not appear on your phone because it is disabled by default. To activate it again, proceed to enter the mobile settings and in the search engine enter the word ‘YouTube’. When it appears in the search results press it and activate it. Once this is done, to copy a YouTube comment from the platform App, you must:

  1. Open the YouTube app and go to the video you want to get certain comments from.
  2. Locate the comment to copy, no matter if it is short or long.
  3. Press and hold the text of it so that the YouTube App gives you the option to download it.

Copy the text of a comment from YouTube on iOS

There are several ways to copy a YouTube comment , one is automatically and the other is manually. Although it is rare, it is possible, that you need to copy the text of the comments on your iOS phone. Due to the fact that sometimes in a video the options bar is not enabled. Similarly, the traditional method is as follows:

  1. Open the app and sign in with your email.
  2. Second, find the video where the comment you want to acquire is.
  3. When you find the video you will touch in the comments section.
  4. Find the one you need and hold it down to enable the ‘copy text’ option.
  5. You proceed to copy it and voila, you will have the text on the clipboard of your cell phone.

It should be noted that you have the option to see the description of a video on YouTube with a computer and if you want. You can also copy a comment from YouTube manually or else by using the mouse. Also, to make the YouTube app look better, you can activate the dark mode, with which the platform will look more attractive.

How to copy YouTube comment text from my PC?

With mobile, sometimes you won’t be able to copy a comment from YouTube right away. But, with computers it is possible thanks to the browser and partly also by the PC system . In short, we will show you how to copy a YouTube comment using a Windows PC. Of course, also from a computer with Mac operating system.

with Windows

Windows-based computers are very easy to operate and have many features that Apple’s Mac system does not have. To copy a comment from YouTube you must open your default browser. Now, find the video that has the comment you want to take or purchase. Then hover over it and wait for the mouse to change from an arrow to a cursor.

Finally, left-click and drag your mouse across the comment , just like you do when shading text within the Word program. To know that it is shaded, see that it is placed in blue, when the text is seen in this color, use the ‘CTRL’ + ‘C’ keys at the same time. Using both letters, and the comments you have taken will be copied immediately.

What you would need to do is place the comment somewhere else quickly because the ‘Paste’ action is canceled or before the text is cleared from the clipboard. When you are located in the place where you are going to put the comment, go to place the mouse where you want to place the text from before and use the keys ‘CTRL’ + ‘V’ together. In case you didn’t know, this combination is used to copy a comment from YouTube and place it anywhere.

From Mac

On Mac, the process for copying a YouTube comment turns out to be almost the same. First, go to the official YouTube page in your default browser, which should be ‘Safari’ by default. Second, find the video from which you want to copy the text. Third and last, scroll down to the comments section. Finding the one you need, move on to shading it and combine the CTRL + C buttons .

If by combining these two keys your PC cannot copy a YouTube comment, you will have to shade the text and right click on it . When the other options are displayed, you will look for one that says ‘copy text’. Then, enter where you want to paste it, click the right mouse button again and choose ‘Paste’.

It should be noted that just before you start watching a video on YouTube , you have the option to activate the subtitles . To better understand what people are saying. Such a function turns out to be very useful when you are going to see the trailer of a movie or series and it is not yet in Spanish.

How else can you copy texts inside a computer?

Some platforms, such as Spotify, do not allow you to copy the text of pages. When this happens, you will have to use the mouse and a few other methods that we have not shown before. If the page won’t let you copy a YouTube comment or other content, try printing a document from that website. You can print any page with the key combination ‘CTRL’ + ‘P’ on your keyboard.

When printing, a window will load, which says ‘Loading preview’. Then, wait for it to load and when it does, press where it says ‘Print’. Now, decide where on your computer you will save the document. After saving it, find it and open it. Of course, this method applies to a phone with high-end applications, otherwise it is recommended only on a PC.

When you open it, highlight what you want to take out, then right click and then select ‘Copy’. Once this is done, go on to paste the text where you want and this will finish the whole process to copy a YouTube comment. Remember that whenever you want to copy a part of the text of a platform and it does not allow it, you can use such a method to solve it.

How to copy a text from YouTube?

The steps that are used in order to copy a YouTube comment are the ones that serve in almost any text that is displayed in this App. So, if you have an Android nothing else, press and hold the paragraph that you want and it is immediately displayed the copy option.

On the other hand, on your Windows computer or Mac PC, just select the text with your mouse and press the Ctrl + C keys on your keyboard. You also have the alternative of right-clicking and thus choosing the copy option . In case you cannot, proceed to do it manually, or with the key combination Ctrl + P save the page and copy your text.

How to copy the description of a YouTube video?

First open the description panel, this applies to Android or iPhone, because on the computer it is already shown at the top of the comments. Then you proceed to print the page and save it as text. In the end, you will notice that when you open the file from your Android, you will be able to copy the description or comments without problems.

In this sense, you can also do the same from the PC. Even if you take a screenshot, you can apply a tool that converts the text from an image to an editable format. For example, with Google Drive or Lends it is possible to extract the text from a screenshot. This is the best that works so far, as YouTube has blocked permission to directly copy a description.


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