How To Disable comments on Youtube

Have you posted a video on Youtube and are receiving unpleasant comments? What are you surprised at? The Internet is full of Trolls, people who have nothing to do but write stupid things and leave stupid and irreverent comments. If you want to avoid all these then you should evaluate the idea of deactivating comments on Youtube , in this way you will be able to prevent unwanted people from commenting on youtube videos. Don’t worry, the procedure for blocking youtube comments is absolutely simple and I’ll explain it to you in a couple of minutes.


  • Disable comments on Youtube
    • Change Youtube Comments settings
    • Disable comments for a single video

Disable comments on Youtube

You have several possibilities to disable comments on Youtube; you can decide whether to block youtube comments for a single video or prevent from commenting youtube videos for all videos on your channel .

Change Youtube Comments settings

Open Youtube studio and log in with your account; then click on Settings in the left menu. From the window that opens, click on Community in the left menu and then click on   Default settings . At this point select the item Disable Comments in the Comments field on your new videos and in the Comments field on your Discussion tab and then press save .

In this way you have disabled for all the videos you are going to upload in the future the possibility of inserting comments. This setup, however, will only work for videos you upload in the future; to disable comments on Youtube on a video you have already uploaded read further.

Disable comments for a single video

Want to block youtube comments for a single video you’ve already uploaded? Nothing easier! Open Youtube studio and log in with your account; then click on the word Video in the left menu. Find the video you want to block youtube comments on and click on its thumbnail. Scroll down the page and click on Show more to view the other options; at the bottom in the Comments and ratings field select the item Disable Comments and then press the Save button at the top right to make the changes effective and disable comments on Youtube for that video.

So, in conclusion, you can decide to set as default to prevent commenting on youtube videos; in this way all the videos you upload will not be able to be commented on. You can also prevent commenting on youtube videos for just one video in particular. You will find more information on the Youtube support pages . You will find other guides on Youtube on this page.

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