How to put bold on YouTube?

Creating quality audiovisual content has never been as easy as it is today, having multiple multimedia platforms where you can easily upload and edit videos without the need for a large budget, among all these platforms YouTube stands out above the rest by having the YouTube Studio tool to program videos from mobile or PC quickly and easily.

And it is that to facilitate the use of its platform and promote the creation of content for its users, YouTube continues to add new functions constantly for free that you can easily learn to use so that your platform can grow organically. Among those functions we will teach you how to put bold on YouTube with this simple tutorial.

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  1. Benefits of using bold from your YouTube account
  2. What is the easiest method to bold on YouTube?
    1. From the phone
    2. In the computer
  3. What other way can I use to edit or personalize my YouTube texts?

Benefits of using bold from your YouTube account

The bold on YouTube fulfill the same function as in any type of text, which is to highlight a particular word or phrase that may be of interest to the public, this can bring multiple benefits in the content of a YouTube account since the Bold type works as keywords to find the content you are looking for easily , thus optimizing the search process.

It is important to note that although the bold type does not have any benefit to position a YouTube video in the searches of the application or in Google, they still work to emphasize the description of a video and stand out from the rest of the content that may appear in a search, causing the reach of your content to be greater than the rest.

Where the use of bold on YouTube really stands out is in the comments section, fulfilling the same function of highlighting a text over the rest and thus being able to establish effective communication with the rest of YouTube users to promote and achieve better growth of the channel , without having to spend money on advertisements or collaborations.

What is the easiest method to bold on YouTube?

Taking into account that YouTube is one of the most versatile multimedia platforms today, it has the option to put bold letters from any of the devices compatible with the application , so that you have easy access to this function from the device with which you go to YouTube regularly.

Next we will show you how to put bold on YouTube from the mobile application and the web portal of the computer, so that you can decide for yourself which is the easiest method to use.

From the phone

  • First of all, you must download and update the YouTube application on your mobile phone to register with a Google accountor log in if you are already registered.
  • To add bold to the description of a video that you have uploaded in your account, you must go to YouTube Studio> Videos> Add a description.
  • While to write a comment in bold on the video of other users or to reply to one of your videos, simply enter the comments section ofit to compose the message.
  • Now, to place a phrase or word in bold, you only have to write it by placing an asterisk at the beginning and at the end of it, without leaving spaces between them. An example of this would be the following: * YouTube video description *.
  • It is important to mention that at the time of writing the text it will not appear in bold until it is published, so you should not worry.

In the computer

  • From the browser of your choice, go to the official YouTube websiteto log into your account with Google.
  • As in the version of YouTube for mobile devices, to put bold in the description of a video on your channel, you must locate it from YouTube Studioto edit the description.
  • In the same way, the process to put bold in a comment is the same, you only have to enter the comments sectionto write the message in the text box.
  • Once you have located within the platform to add a description of a video or make a comment in bold, you simply have to write the phrase you want to put in bold between asterisks without leaving spaces.

What other way can I use to edit or personalize my YouTube texts?

Apart from having the option to write bold text, YouTube also has the functions to add italicized comments to edit or customize the description of a video or comment on the platform. Like bold, italicized text is an ideal choice for highlighting a keyword or phrase, or in another language, to make it stand out from the rest of the content.

To add a comment or description in italics within the YouTube platform, you just have to add an underscore (_) before the word or phrase that you want to highlight in the text.

On the other hand, YouTube also offers the option of adding a strikethrough text to the description or comments of a video. This is a creative and fun way to make your text look more attractive to attract the attention of the rest of the YouTube community, by emphasizing certain words or phrases in the content by giving importance to what you are really trying to express.

You can use this option on YouTube by adding a normal hyphen (-) before the word or phrase that you want to cross out in the comment or description of the video. Like bold type, both italics and strikethrough text can only be seen after they have been published.

It is also important to note that it is possible to change the font type of the title and description of the videos that you upload to the YouTube platform, through external websites such as Lyrics & Fonts where just by entering a text you will have the option to copy it to different fonts.

Finally, it is also necessary to mention that you can edit or customize texts on YouTube using hashtags in the description of a video so that they are easier to find in the application’s search engine, thus increasing your exposure. Although you should not abuse this option by entering many hashtags because YouTube will ignore them if there are more than 15 in a single video.


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