How to promote on Facebook by paying advertising campaigns? – Create your campaign

Facebook was founded with the goal of getting people to share with each other, but today this has changed very drastically . Now, Facebook is used as an advertising medium. The people who do the advertising make money, those who pay the advertisers make money from increased sales, and Facebook of course makes money too.

How to Promote on Facebook Paying Advertising Campaigns? – Create your Campaign

In the end, everyone benefits and that is why people who have Facebook accounts are encouraged to enter this advertising industry. Next, we will show you how this type of advertising works , how it is promoted on Facebook, what are the payment methods for advertising, how to create a Facebook ad and what are all the characteristics of good advertising.

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  1. How does paid advertising work on Facebook?
  2. How to promote a post on Facebook?
    1. eye-catching posts
    2. invitation for events
    3. pay advertising
  3. What payment methods are there for Facebook advertising?
  4. What to do to create an advertising campaign on Facebook?
    1. Types of campaigns
    2. attraction of people
    3. page promotion
  5. What are the characteristics to make a good publicity?

How does paid advertising work on Facebook?

Advertising within Facebook is divided into multiple branches, which are at least 7 in total. These branches are: images, videos, sequences, collection, Canva, Messenger, and presentation. These are advertisements of different kinds that allow people to earn money and boost other people’s business or their own business.

Each of these types of ads can be placed anywhere on Facebook and depending on the number of people who see them, your income will increase. It is important that you have present that sometimes you will have to pay Facebook so that it can promote much more your website or the products of your business.

How to promote a post on Facebook?

The best way to promote a post on Facebook is by making it eye-catching, inviting people to events, and paying for advertising . You don’t have to spend even a little money to use any of these methods of increasing your advertising, but sometimes paying for more advertising on Facebook is a good thing.

eye-catching posts

The secret to attracting people to a certain product is to make the ad describe the product in the best possible way. One recommendation is to use images of certain landscapes in case it is a skin product. If you’re not associated with this sort of thing at all, you can pay a photographer to take high-definition images of your product.

In addition, in the product description also try to mention something related to a sale or a discount for the first people to buy the product . In this way everyone will want to take advantage of that discount. It should be noted that from Facebook you can activate its verification in order to monetize the content you upload.

invitation for events

The invitation to certain events is something that will immediately boost the sale of your products and the services that you offer . It’s true that sometimes events won’t help you boost your ads, but it’s worth a try once in a while.

It should be noted that another way to boost your sales is by uploading videos on Facebook Watch from your current account or from the one you have created for work.

pay advertising

The best way to boost your business campaign is by paying Facebook to spread your publication everywhere. This type of advertising can be paid for using multiple payment methods, giving people a great opportunity to extend their business through advertising.

What payment methods are there for Facebook advertising?

The various payment methods for advertising within Facebook are payment methods in local currency only in certain regions, payments with bank accounts, PayPal, credit cards and debit cards. Thanks to all these payment methods, you won’t have any kind of inconvenience to finance a little advertising with Facebook.

From my own experience, of all these payment methods, the most recommended to use is PayPal because with it you will not have problems for the deposit . However, the only detail of PayPal are the commissions, but otherwise it is the best payment method of all.

What to do to create an advertising campaign on Facebook?

When you want to boost your business at top speed you should try running a Facebook advertising campaign . However, before you make any move, you need to know what types of campaigns exist, how ad campaigns engage audiences, and how a Page is promoted.

Types of campaigns

The advertising campaigns are divided among themselves according to their type, there are at least 6 types of advertising campaigns which are: advertising for politics , for social issues, for housing, for employment and also for credit. Depending on what kind of thing it’s attached to, you’re going to pick the type. Once you do, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: After choosing the type of advertising, choose the name that you will place on your campaign and click ‘Continue’.
  • Step 2: Select the type of public to which your campaign will be directed, that is, to which region or to which country, so that Facebook presents these ads only to users from that country or area.
  • Step 3: Place all the segmentation of the information that you want that ad to have.
  • Step 4: Place some automated placements and in the ‘Calendar’ section choose the date on which the ads will be placed.
  • Step 5: Go to the advanced options of the ad to optimize them, the frequency limit, click on continue, put the texts in a URL and click ‘OK’.

attraction of people

The attraction of people through advertising campaigns is completely guaranteed because all kinds of audiences will be curious about that product and service. In the end, they will end up contacting you to ask you some details and if you attend to them in the best possible way, you will be able to sell everything you want.

page promotion

With ad campaigns, page promotions are also greatly increased. This will benefit you whether or not you sell your products because if you verify your account you will get money for each reaction you give to a page.

What are the characteristics to make a good publicity?

All the things that make a good advertisement are: a good image, a description with zero offensive language, brief but specific details and a speech that is neither so formal nor colloquial. When all these things are taken into account and put into practice, advertisements are resoundingly successful.

It should be noted that you can update your Facebook Messenger in order to advertise from there. Also, if you run into any problems with Facebook ads , you might want to check with Facebook support .

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