How to create link for WhatsApp campaign in MailerLite?

MailerLite provides its users with many functions that they can exploit, that is why here we will talk about the option that the platform gives you to be able to send your campaigns through a link that you will easily share on WhatsApp. If you want to learn how this works so that you can apply it to your marketing strategies , then pay close attention to the following.

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  1. What are the advantages of linking MailerLite with WhatsApp?
    1. Direct contact
    2. Greater diffusion
  2. How do you create a MailerLite campaign link for WhatsApp?
  3. How to automate the messages of your campaign in MailerLite?

What are the advantages of linking MailerLite with WhatsApp?

Actually social networks today are very important for the vast majority of people, that is why almost all of us are connected through WhatsApp. In this sense, this instant messaging platform greatly facilitates remote communication and makes it possible for users to interact with companies or organizations just by clicking on a link. Below we will explain the benefits this provides for your strategies in MailerLite.

Direct contact

The main thing that this does is that you will be able to communicate directly with those in charge of the networks of the organization from which you want to buy a product or service. This works in a very incredible way, since it allows you to narrow distances and make the attention of the company much more pleasant and personalized, because mass emails are sent from MailerLite and people have access to talk to you.

In addition, for many people it turns out to be much more convenient to start a conversation in this way than even to do it through the same email, since it is considered a slightly more cumbersome and delayed process, so they avoid contacting there. Therefore, the WhatsApp chat takes a greater boom due to the communication and treatment facilities it offers.

If you are part of the organization, you will see that users feel better served by instant messaging, through it they can clarify as many doubts as possible, it is a more humane and generous process. So try to do this to connect and retain your customers even more, providing greater value and significance for them.

Greater diffusion

Another advantage that is obtained by the fact that you link your campaigns to WhatsApp, is that you will be able to have a greater diffusion , which is achieved through communication between the same users of the platform.

It is also possible to have this reach because you will be immersed in said social network, you will be able to connect with a greater number of people, you will reach a greater clientele, you will offer a more familiar attention service and much more … The idea is that you know how to handle this in a natural way and you manage to channel and give answers to users who contact you, which will generate more satisfaction and dissemination among people.

How do you create a MailerLite campaign link for WhatsApp?

From the website of the app you can easily make the campaigns created can be disseminated through the WhatsApp of the company or business. In order to start this function, you must have an account created in MailerLite , with a clearly differentiated group of contacts and you must also have at least one campaign already carried out.

In case you don’t have a campaign, you should start there by creating one, be it regular, split AB or any of the other types that are available on the platform. Once this is done, then if the process to obtain the link is speeding up , follow the following procedure:

  1. Open your MailerLite account and in the green bar at the top look for the campaigns section and choose the one you want to spread
  2. When you choose it, click on the copy buttonand then you will edit
  3. Change the name of the campaign a little and the rest of the information can be left exactly the same
  4. From there you are directed to the contentand then to the message
  5. Here you must place the link that directs users to contact you through WhatsApp (this can be done using a link generator web page of the social network or place ‘’ and next to it you put your phone numberincluding the code, except for the plus sign ‘+’).
  6. Once this is done, you continue to click on review and confirm, so that the recipients appear (you can make a change or not)
  7. Select when to send the messageand voila, it will be sent when you have agreed

How to automate the messages of your campaign in MailerLite?

Now, MailerLite allows you to automatically send messages to your users so that you can follow up on your campaigns and customers feel more satisfied with your services. You can achieve this by passing any campaign that you already have created to one of the RSS type, which makes the most recent one automatically sent to your contacts.

To perform this action, enter the platform, look in the green bar for the campaigns section, there click on the orange button and select the corresponding type of campaign. There you place what has already been created and simply program the date or time you want to send, then the group or segment to which it will be directed and voila, they will be sent automatically.

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