How to create a link or direct link on YouTube

If you are looking for the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel to go up, making a link that invites them to subscribe is an idea that you should not overlook . Create a link that asks a question to those who see a video or read one of your articles, share it on social networks.

Nowadays, links are the fastest and easiest way to surf the internet, so go ahead and use this way. Creating a link is very simple, you just have to follow the steps to create a link . Here we will show you how to make it more eye-catching and the benefits of having your personal link. You just have to make sure you have enough content on your YouTube channel to make it more attractive to those who enter with the link.

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  1. What are the benefits of creating a direct link from my YouTube channel?
    1. Channel advertising
    2. Promote the channel
    3. Free to create advertising banners
  2. What method should I use to create my first YouTube link?
    1. Use URL shorteners
    2. Use Chrome incognito window
    3. Invite people with the generated link

What are the benefits of creating a direct link from my YouTube channel?

Having a good number of followers on YouTube is the most effective way to maximize your reach on the largest website on the internet. If your goal is to earn money with your videos or the information you share on YouTube, you will need a certain number of subscribers , if you have them you will be able to have access to many of the channel’s paid functions.

To cite an example, 1000 subscribers would convert the channel into a YouTube Partner , this allows you to obtain income from the ads and the more the number of subscribers, the more it will go up in the benefit levels and the more will be the earnings accrued.

In case you only want to promote your brand without the slightest intention of going viral in this world, it is necessary that you have subscribers as well, and this is because the YouTube Algorithm is the one that decides which videos will be seen and if you have a considerable amount of subscribers your chances increase . An effective method that will help you get more subscribers is to create a direct link to your YouTube channel.

Channel advertising

As we saw, subscribers are important to maintain the channel, so sending the direct link to subscribe to your channel makes you advertise the channel. If you have a website you can insert your link, today society is more visual so when they see that you have a YouTube channel and they like the information they read, they are likely to be more inclined to see the videos you have.

Promote the channel

As we explained above, even if you do not have the intention of becoming a YouTube star, it is important that you promote your channel and the links will help you achieve it. People are going to decide whether to subscribe or not. You can promote your channel from other social media channels, be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You can place the link of your YouTube channel in the bio .

Free to create advertising banners

The banners are digital advertising images. You can insert them in different places on a web page, this way you will attract more people to the web or to your YouTube channel.

What method should I use to create my first YouTube link?

You can share a personalized link with your audience, and those links will depend on the name of the channel, for example on YouTube it would be or .

Use URL shorteners

URL shorteners are tools that allow the link to be cut as much as possible. This facilitates the exchange of the URL on your social networks and especially on platforms that place limits on the number of characters.

The advantage of using this method is that it makes the link easy to remember and easy to code. It is more aesthetic and recognizable. Make sure the link takes you to the site you want , to your YouTube channel.

Use Chrome incognito window

To test if the link has been good, if it directs you to your channel, you can check it using a Chrome incognito window. You just have to open an incognito window and paste the created link or write it as is.

Invite people with the generated link

If it has been as you want and you have verified that it works, it is time to invite people with the generated link. But before sharing your link, you must have enough content on your channel so that people get a good first impression and are motivated to follow you.


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