How do you create a Regular Campaign in MailerLite?

Email marketing has become a very demanding and important digital strategy in recent times. That is why platforms such as MailerLite make it easy for us to create campaigns to be able to meet our organizational objectives and achieve loyalty of our audience.

Therefore, we will teach you how you can create a regular campaign using this website. This in order that it can be effective and also meet your expectations, providing greater attention and satisfaction to your customers and users.

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  1. Why is it useful to create a regular campaign in MailerLite?
  2. In which part of the Dashboard is Regular Campaign selected?
  3. What fields are relevant to generate the campaign?
    1. Campaign name
    2. Header
    3. Owner
    4. Idiom
  4. What design options are offered to create the mail in MailerLite?
    1. Templates
    2. Personalized
  5. How is the mail distribution configured for the Regular Campaign?
    1. Date and Time
    2. Recipients
  6. How to monitor the campaign to evaluate its effectiveness?

Why is it useful to create a regular campaign in MailerLite?

It really depends on the purpose you have to carry out the campaign, that is, if you are looking to reach many more people or you want all your contacts affiliated with the mailing system to receive a message from you, then it will be very useful to implement this type of campaigns.

This strategy does not segment the audience or qualify them in any criteria, since it is designed to send mass emails to as many people as possible, so it will be well used to try something new, notify of any reduction, promotion, discount and other things that you want to communicate with all your customers.

In which part of the Dashboard is Regular Campaign selected?

To be able to do a campaign with this type from MailerLite, you just have to enter the platform and create an account on it . There you find the section that says ‘campaigns’ at the top, click there and then on the ‘create new campaign’ button. If you press it, it will immediately direct you to it, but if you press on the small triangle that comes out to the side, a drop-down menu appears with the 4 types of campaigns they offer, select the regular one and that’s it.

What fields are relevant to generate the campaign?

Clearly, there are a number of steps to take to campaign. Where when creating it you will see a form that requests certain information, here we will describe the most necessary to fill out.

Campaign name

First of all, you must give the campaign a striking name . With this you will be providing input information to customers or users and thus you will be able to register it within your account on the platform.


When you are going to fill this space, remember that it should be based on the purpose of the campaign, since it serves as the subject of the campaign. This means that it will be the way in which you can persuade or draw the attention of others to what you are trying to say to them, so be brief and specific.


It is also required to establish the name of who carries out the campaign. It is worth clarifying, that it is not precisely the person who is doing this (how well it can be a Community Manager), but rather the name of the company, brand or personal signature is established.


In this section, you select the language in which you want the message to reach the people who will send it from the drop-down menu .

What design options are offered to create the mail in MailerLite?

Once you have completed the spaces that we have indicated above, it is necessary that you know very well how to design the broadcast mail, since it must attract the attention of customers, be interactive and in accordance with the company . Therefore, the two options are offered that we will explain briefly.


In general, after you have already completed the information requested before and click to continue, then there will appear a template that you can use quickly for the mail. Where it allows you to make some modifications to the texts, the types of fonts, the size , among other aspects. You can even insert more images or change the ones you consider and it would be ready.


But in addition, the platform facilitates its users to create an exclusive design, in order to make the email much more personalized. In this sense, you will only have to erase everything that appears from the template and with the editions that the program allows, embody the desired design there.

How is the mail distribution configured for the Regular Campaign?

After editing the email, you just need to select who the message will be sent to and when you want it to be sent.

Date and Time

To send the mail you can do it now, later or by time zones. If you click on the option that says ‘after’, then it will appear for you to choose a date and time to send , there are boxes for you to place this information and thus the shipment is scheduled even without you being on the platform.


This step is done first, since when the design is finished, this will appear right away. According to the campaign, you must have defined the recipients of it so that it can be viewed.

Here you only have to select among all the emails that are subscribed to your account, if you want to share with everyone or in a group that you already have segmented. All you have to do is click on what you want to reach and voila, you continue to the next step.

How to monitor the campaign to evaluate its effectiveness?

Finally, before you send the email of your campaign to the different clients that you consider, the MailerLite platform allows you to track and analyze how good results you are obtaining in its development.

To do this, you must click on the box before the text that says ‘ Use the Google Analytics link to track your campaign’. In this way, a link will be generated which you can access without problems so that you can see the performance of the campaign you just made reflected.

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