How to fix ‘someone else is using this computer’? – Quick solution

Windows is Microsoft’s emblematic operating system, based on a GUI graphical user interface, it has become the leader in operating systems thanks to the experience accumulated since 1985, the year it was launched, of course, that it has so much experience and that Being one of the best does not mean that it is perfect, in fact on some occasions it shows us on the screen certain errors that may be occurring in the system. Such inconveniences can be due to missing file or corrupted files.

How to Fix ‘Someone else is Using this Computer’? – Quick solution

However, sometimes it seems that our computer is being used by another person, which is why Windows shows us the message ‘Another person is using this computer ‘ on the screen, this usually happens when another person logs into Windows 10 on the computer and This was not closed correctly, shortly we will explain how we can solve this problem quickly and effectively.

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  1. Why does this notification appear on your computer if no one else is using it?
  2. What risks are there in the appearance of this error on your Windows 10 PC?
  3. Procedure to completely disable the Fall Creators Update
  4. What are the Windows 10 tools that may be affecting your computer?
    1. Automatic start of programs
    2. Automatic screen savers

Why does this notification appear on your computer if no one else is using it?

As we mentioned before, we usually see this message on the screen when another person has logged into our computer from another user created, so when we enter ours, after we use it and try to turn off the computer, we are shown the message in question as a measure to avoid data loss , it can also appear just by suspending the functions of the PC then turning it on and finally trying to turn it off.

In order to eliminate this error, what we must do is as simple as pressing the ‘Windows + X’ key combination , doing so will display a menu with options among which we must select ‘Shut down or Close Session’ and then restart the computer, It should be noted that if we do it in such a hurry we will see the programs that are open on the screen, it is best not to force the closure to avoid future errors of another type.

What risks are there in the appearance of this error on your Windows 10 PC?

Since the problem is quite simple, caused only by not logging out properly, we can conclude that there shouldn’t be any major problem unless we have shared sensitive information such as passwords, emails or even IP addresses. Nor will there be any inconvenience as long as the user that we have configured as the main user is protected with their respective password and, more importantly, that the truly important data is encrypted with some of thebest programsfor it.

The case is different when we do not have any of the security measures mentioned in the previous paragraph, if this is the case, all our personal information is compromised because another user has access to it, so it is best to take action in the affair .

Procedure to completely disable the Fall Creators Update

Sometimes, it is best todisable unnecessary services  that somehow affect the computer, however, the procedure to disable Fall Creators Update is not easy to explain since it is part of Windows and contains several functions, so we will explain it part by part. , if we want to disable the exam mode, which is a function for people with visual difficulties, what we must do is press the ‘Shift + Space Bar’ key combination, this combination is also valid to activate it again.

On the other hand, if what we want to disable is the game mode, it is required to make some changes in the registry, so we must make use of the ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoft’ route, in this way we should locate a directory called AllowAutoGameMode that has a default value of 0 which we should change to a 1.

What are the Windows 10 tools that may affect your computer?

Starting from Windows XP onwards, errors have been present due to certain processes that are executed and that in one way or another affect the proper functioning of the computer, remember that there are applications and programs that even start simultaneously with the system, consuming valuable Resources that the computer can very well take advantage of in other areas of greater interest. Even so, even when the developers know about this type of inconvenience that occurs when using Windows 10   , which is what we are talking about, instead of solving, what they do is insert more and more unnecessary programs.

Automatic start of programs

We already know that not all the programs that we install on our computer start automatically, some do run in the background without any authorization from the user and it is this type of program that prevents the shutdown or restart process from being fulfilled because they are running, of course, if we have good protection and a good antivirus, this will not represent a problem, so we do not have to worry, but if, on the contrary, we do not have any of that and we begin to notice a strange operation on the PC, Most likely, these programs are the cause of the problem.

Automatic screen savers

Although it is not very common, screen savers can sometimes present a problem (although it is a very small probability) when turning off our computer, this is because when we install these protectors we usually download them from unreliable sources.


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