How to promote a business

In every business there is an important work of communication to reinforce the brand image and present the interest of the catalog items. The action plan that leads to the objective of the promotion must always take into account the prior analysis of the commercial situation. This marketing programming can complement the strengths of digital advertising with conventional actions. Next we develop some of these ideas.


Web page

This is an example of corporate space available to both large entities and new initiatives that seek a place in the market. This showcase contains differentiated sections that structure the presentation of the project in terms of its history, description of services, vision, mission, forms of contact and location.


Content Marketing

The advertising on Google that presents the entity through a prominent ad in the search engine is visible in the short term. This is an option that pursues immediacy in the impact of communication. From a different methodology, the publication of articles focused not only on information but also on SEO is a strategy that seeks this positioning highlighted by the quality of the texts shared in form and content.


Social networks

Marketing seeks to meet the public through the use of a nearby language. A meeting that in the online space is contextualized in a specific horizon: social networks. Each entity must carry out an analysis of which are the resources that best enhance their idea. For example, Instagram reinforces the visual value of business.



The sponsorship of events

A marketing action can also be formatted as an experience through a thematic event. The brand logo is linked to the initiative with this collaboration. An event that can have a cultural, solidary or sporting character (among other options).

This investment not only has the purpose of advertising, but also support for an objective that deserves this momentum. The imprint of a growing company can not only be noticed in hiring, economic strengthening and employee happiness, but also in this involvement with other causes.


Attendance at fairs and exhibitions

A theme that offers visibility to those exhibitors who participate as protagonists in the calendar of the days organized in the program. An appointment indicated in the annual agenda of those companies that are positioned in the sector that focuses the mission of the event.


Digital sponsorship

Print publications and Internet media offer a visibility projection. The company decides on a strategy after a diagnosis of the strengths of this opportunity. A collaboration that can not only be oriented to the publication of an advertisement in a written space, sponsorship is also viable in other information media. For example, the podcast.

In conclusion, creativity is inherent in business marketing that can combine different ideas in this direction of fueling corporate branding.


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