Family business: characteristics

There are different types of companies. Those that have a family scheme constitute an important engine of entrepreneurship and economy. What are the characteristics of those ideas that follow this thread? In this article we describe some of the observable variables in this approach.

A shared project in common

The protagonists of this mission are united by many aspects from a contextualized biography on the horizon of belonging to the same family tree. They are the memories of a life interpreted in the perspective of the past already lived and of that future that is yet to come. Around these solid roots, the birth of a business idea developed in collaboration with others arises.

A commercial model of these characteristics can also be expanded by hiring other people outside the family nucleus. However, some of the properties described by the working environment in such an entity is the close treatment as indicated by its own term.


Generational relief

The timeline of a business that writes its own history in parallel with the family plot makes this type of entity face at some point the decisive question of the future in order to analyze what its continuity options are. The legacy of some family businesses is linked to the emotion of a centenary that was made possible by the involvement of different generations around a common reference. The family business walks with tradition and innovation.

The family is the basis of the resilience of a business with these characteristics but, at the same time, it is also its main focus of vulnerability. Emotional and human aspects are present in any type of organization, but in this scenario they acquire a greater relevance in the face of the risk that professional affairs end up hindering family life (as in fact sometimes occurs).

The organizational structure of a family business must be clear from the identification of people, positions and functions.

Business idea

As with any type of proposal, the initial inspiration begins with an idea that is viable and that in the specific case of this type of motivation materializes in the reality of a family scheme. The concrete, in this case, is the way in which this proposal is put into practice. The perspective of this initial premise is completed with the motivation of being part of a company that has this identity signal in its DNA.

The family business has growth potential from the fruits harvested with a job well done. However, at some point you may experience the doubt about the moment of taking the step of this expansion or the permanence in a comfort zone because each option poses some advantages and possible inconveniences.

Therefore, the family business deserves an important recognition for its contribution to society as a whole both in the generation of employment and in the offer of a good product.


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