How to project Instagram content on TV?

Instagram is a social network that has evolved over the years, allowing access to new technologies and optimizing its functions. Currently, it is possible to project or view Reels and any Instagram content, such as photos and videos, from the mobile phone to the TV for greater enjoyment on a big screen, thus becoming the App of choice for everyone.

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  1. What is the process to project Instagram from your cell phone to a TV?
    1. With the ‘Castto’ app
    2. Using the ‘Google Home’ app
  2. How to cast your Instagram screen from a PC to a television?
  3. How to download and install Instagram on your television?
    1. On a Samsung Smart TV
    2. For TCL Roku TV
    3. On LG WebOS TV

What is the process to project Instagram from your cell phone to a TV?

To be able to project Instagram content from a cell phone to a TV, there are many methods and applications that allow this functionality, accessing to view high quality photos and videos through a 55 ‘screen or more, than from a 6’ screen. ‘of the mobile, causing a greater impact of the content to the users of this platform.

With the ‘Castto’ app

One of the best apps to project content to TV is Mobile Screen Mirroring on TV – Castto . It is to be downloaded from the Play Store from any Android smart mobile device.

Castto allows you to project the image of any platform, including Instagram, from a mobile phone to a TV in a simple and fast way. It is an application that can be used for free and without the risk of losing files, data or applications, since it provides total connection security.

When you download this App, you must verify that both the mobile phone and the television are connected to the internet, adapt Miracast Display to the TV, from the application enable the wireless screen and choose the television to share screen, and voila, the content immediately you want to broadcast will be seen on the big screen.

Using the ‘Google Home’ app

You must first have the Google Home App downloaded on your smartphone, if you don’t have it, it can be easily downloaded from the Play Store or App Store. This application allows the content of any platform, such as Instagram, to be projected from the mobile to the TV.

You must access Google Home on your mobile , choose the Chromecast device option that appears reflected in the lower right part of the application. Verify that both the TV and the device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, select to project device, and voila, the mobile image will be transmitted immediately to the TV, wirelessly without the need for a USB cable.

How to cast your Instagram screen from a PC to a television?

To transmit the Instagram screen from the PC to a TV, you must access Google Chrome from the computer, open the platform in its Web version not from the application, in one of the search engine tabs, and in the upper right part they will find 3 points, which you must select to see the options. One of them appears as Send, click and choose the TV to which you want to connect, and that’s it. Immediately, the Instagram image will be streamed to television or other searched page within Chrome. In order to obtain a higher quality in photos and videos.

This way of connecting the PC with the television is wirelessly, only for computers with Windows or Linux, and for TV with Chromecast, this being a device that allows the interaction of devices wirelessly, created by Google.

On the other hand, if you do not have Chromecast, you must proceed to connect the PC and the TV using USB or HDMI cables and be able to project the Instagram screen on the television.

How to download and install Instagram on your television?

Thanks to technological advancement, you can currently download and install any App such  as Instagram on television, in order to have a greater enjoyment of the content quickly and efficiently. Therefore, there are several ways to download this platform depending on the model of the TV.

On a Samsung Smart TV

Downloading Instagram from a Samsung Smart TV is simple, you must first verify that the television is connected to the internet , either through a Wi-Fi or cable network, being a direct signal. Go to the Smart TV menu and select Home, the Apps option will appear, which you must choose, this being the application store for Samsung TVs.

Find the Instagram App, and proceed to install, this procedure will take a few minutes. Having already downloaded the platform, it will appear in the start menu of the Smart TV , accessing quickly. You must log into the App with your email and password, in order to enjoy the content on a large screen.

For TCL Roku TV

This is one of the best applications you can look for to project your cell phone screen on a TV . To download Instagram on a TCL Roku Tv, you must enter the beginning of the television being this Channel Store, and select the Apps option. From there a wide variety of platforms will appear, such as Instagram, you must select it and press OK, the application will proceed to download taking a few minutes, and that’s it. When you access the Home of the TCL Roku Tv, you will have the application already installed.


To download Instagram on an LG WebOs Tv, you must press the Home icon with the remote control, go to LG Content Store, select Apps, and look for the platform to download, when you find it you must proceed to download. Showing at the start of the TV, the installed application.

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