How to add international phone numbers to my WhatsApp

Today we can meet people who live in other countries, it may be that we are visiting their land or we have met them in an online application. If we want to keep in touch with them, we must register their number in our phone book, to learn how to add international phone contacts for WhatsApp , here we will explain what you should know.

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  1. What is required to save a foreign number in my WhatsApp?
  2. How to save a foreign number in my WhatsApp
  3. Is it possible to make calls and video calls normally to a foreign number?
  4. What are the respective codes that each country assigns to its companies?

What is required to save a foreign number in my WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging service on the planet, with it you can communicate with people in your own locality or anywhere in the world. The benefits of this application are translated into maintaining direct contact with our acquaintances or relatives .

On the platform you not only send text messages, you can also send and receive voice messages , make and receive video calls, send stickers, documents, among other things. With each performance you get closer to that person who is in the distance; You get to know her thoughts, her voice, and even her face.

To maintain contact with a person, you must correctly write down their phone number in your mobile phonebook, so that the application includes it among your contacts. However, registering an international number is not the same as writing down a local number. Therefore, you must be aware of some details when saving the data.

There are two details that are crucial in this case, first all international numbers must start with the + symbol and second each country has an area code. Without these two data you will not be able to communicate with your friend because they will lack essential contact information.

How to save a foreign number in my WhatsApp

To save a foreign number and use it in your WhatsApp communications, you must go to your computer’s phonebook to register it as if you were calling. To do this, locate your phone’s address book and select add contacts, then enter the name to identify the person and the phone number.

Before saving it, you must verify that the number begins with the + symbol and that you have the corresponding country code . If you don’t know the country code, you can do an online search and get the result easily. Then be sure to enter the city or phone company code.

In most cases, phone numbers start with a zero, this should be removed when registering a foreign contact. Also, depending on the country, you should be aware if you should add or remove any special code.

If you met all the requirements, you just have to enter WhatsApp and find your contact to start communication. In case of not getting it, locate the chats section and press on the three vertical points, from there you can update the application so that the number you added appears.

Is it possible to make calls and video calls normally to a foreign number?

From WhatsApp you can make calls and video calls to your contacts outside the country at no additional cost to your bill. What if you are going to consume is the Internet data that you have on your mobile, unless you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

If you are sure that you have registered the phone number correctly: removing the zero, adding the + symbol and entering the country code, then you do not need to install external applications to make the calls.

When you want to communicate with your friend you just have to locate an open conversation with the person and press on the video icon, if you want you can make a video call or press the phone icon if you only want a normal call.

Also, you can go to the calls section and in the search magnifying glass place the name of the contact, then you have to select the icon you want.

What are the respective codes that each country assigns to its companies?

In general, in each country there is more than one telephone company that offers its services to citizens. To distinguish one company from another, the country assigns it a code so that it can function and distinguish its numbers from any other company, this code is at the beginning of the numbering.

This is an advantage not only in the country of origin, since if this order is not established worldwide, the number of a person can be repeated in several regions . Why is this important? Because each phone number is the identification of a space within the companies, if this number is identical to another, the calls can cross or cannot be made.

On the other hand, if we take into account that telephone numbers are part of the identification data of most applications, if the particularity is not maintained, privacy cannot be ensured.

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