How to Play WWE 2K Battlegrounds [Beginners Guide]

Have you started playing this wrestling game now? So check out some beginner tips on how to play WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

Wrestling games (also known as wrestling ) can be quite fun and varied. WWE 2K Battlegrounds’ crazy prank brings cartoony graphics, dynamic gameplay and a cast full of company celebrities. In this guide, you will learn the first steps of how to play WWE 2K Battlegrounds .

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Wrestling and crazy combos await you in WWE 2K Battlegrounds (Image: Publicity)

What is WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

Released in September 2020 for Nintendo Switch , PS4 , Xbox One, Windows and Google Stadia . WWE 2K Battlegrounds was developed by Saber Interactive and published by 2K. The game features wrestling battles with a very different style from what was seen in previous years.

The entire presentation has a cartoonish style, with funny graphics and features. The characters themselves are unlocked from within action figure packs, offering the idea that the entire gameplay is one big joke. There are about 70 fighters available to the player for epic 1×1 battles, doubles and various other ways already known by WWE fans.

Requirements to play on PC

Component Minimum settings Recommended settings
Processor Intel Core i3-540 3.06GHz Intel Core i5-3.50 GHz or better
RAM memory 4 GB RAM 8 GB of RAM
Video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670, similar or better
Disk Space 9 GB of available space 9 GB of available space
Operational system Windows 7 64-bit Windows 7//8.1/10 64-bit

How to play WWE 2K Battlegrounds

  1. Choose your class

Among the massive cast of the game there are five classes that have advantages and disadvantages, with each fighter belonging to one of them. Choose one that fits your playing style.

  • Technician: A fighter with great throws and submission moves;
  • Brawler: Great kicks and punches are characteristic of this fighter;
  • Powerhouse: Walls that take a lot of damage;
  • High-Flyer: A fighter with a high level of speed and energy, perfect for jumping punches;
  • All-Rounder: Balance in all aspects is the hallmark of this type of fighter.
  1. Use the environment

During the many matches of WWE 2K Battlegrounds , you will notice that there are several elements around the ring. From crocodiles to weapons like bats and chairs. As there is no disqualification in the game, use and abuse these elements to guarantee victory.

Also, don’t forget to try to stop your opponent from using these weapons whenever possible, as you don’t want to suffer a ram attack in the middle of battle.

  1. Secure Power-Ups

Once the fighter’s power gauge fills, you can use one of your character’s Power-Ups. To do this, press left, right or up on the joystick on the controller. There are different types of powers like health recovery, unblockable blows and damage boost.

Another good tip in this regard is not to use Power-Up as soon as it appears, since the longer it takes to activate it, the higher the skill level. Using it at the right times can be the difference between turning a game over or losing it more quickly.

Power-Ups help a lot inside the ring (Image: Publicity)

  1. Spend your money smartly

In WWE 2K Battlegrounds there are two forms of currency: Bucks and Gold Bucks. The difference between them is that only the second can be purchased with real money. Furthermore, both can be used to purchase customization items such as clothing, items and even fighters to expand your cast.

For those who don’t want to spend real money, it’s good to know that Bucks take time to accumulate, so you’ll need to decide what you want to buy and plan for it. The best way to get this coin is by playing full fights.

If you want a fighter you like, then stay focused until you acquire him, for example. Unfortunately, you can’t buy everything in the game store, so think a lot before making any decision.

Use Your Bucks Smartly (Image: YouTube / TonyPizzaGuy)

  1. Play the campaign

The entire WWE 2K Battlegrounds campaign has a comic book feel and carries the player through several chapters. Different fighters are found and many game mechanics are learned. The best part about this mode is that it helps to unlock Power-Ups, items and characters. Opening up the range of options.

The entire game takes less than 10 hours, so it’s a great starting point to get to know and discover a lot of what the title has to offer. The coolest thing: you can create an avatar that will be your fighter, all customized to your liking. Who out there never wanted to be one of those Superstars ?

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