PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: How to Play Squad

All tactical tips and strategies to make Squad mode easier to play: using the information below, you will build a disciplined and powerful team capable of winning the ultimate victory

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Squads in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds are one of three modes available in the game in both third (first) and first-person views.

In my personal opinion, this mode is also the most difficult. Here, it is not your personal skills in aiming, survival, etc., or even tactical interactions that take place when playing in a duet, come out on top. Squads require more complex, coordinated action. And for the chosen strategy to be effective, you will have to work hard.

We will tell you about all the features of this mode.

Finding the perfect team

You can be a very skilled single player, sniffing gunpowder even in team modes. However, without a solid squad, whose members are unable to support you, winning the battle will be an impossible task. So, the first step in lightening the load is finding three good teammates to rely on in battle.

These partners should be professionals who know their job. Therefore, you should not play with people who start to get nervous or let down if someone is wrong. In addition to playing skills, these should be adequate, preferably adults. Ideally, you should communicate in the same language.

Team roles

When you play together and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, then form goals as a team based on the information received. For example, you must have a driver and a spare driver so that you don’t hesitate if the first one gets killed. If you find a sniper, it is recommended that a member of the squad who has a sniper rifle and does an excellent job with it takes care of him. Don’t forget that you are a team – just because you found AWM does not mean that you are the perfect player to use it.

Tactics and strategy

There are various tactics when playing in squads, which we will discuss below.

Tactic # 1: camp on the bridge

To begin with, let’s consider the well-known, one might say, the classic strategy of playing in a squad. It can be done with one car, but since you are a team, ideally you need to find two vehicles at once. Place them one behind the other across the bridge exit to block it. This will stop any other vehicles that your opponents will try to cross the bridge, in all cases, except when:

  • Your opponent is a very skillful driver.
  • Two partners are riding a motorcycle.

However, in the latter case, before they get to the end of the bridge, your sniper must shoot them.

When using this tactic, you need to prioritize your shooting. Almost all members of your squad should shoot at the driver until he is destroyed. Most teams will not be able to react quickly enough and jump into the driver’s seat, returning control of the vehicle. In nine out of ten cases, the remaining members of the squad will jump out of the car, succumbing to panic, allowing you to finish them off without any problems.

If they still manage to regain control of the car, then shoot at the new driver, but do not forget that the car will not be able to move if it has no tires. If you have a suitable pistol and a lot of ammunition, then this can be a great opportunity to destroy them. As soon as you kill all the enemies from the arrived car, then add it to your barricade on the bridge. With each new kill, you become even stronger! You will get more loot, expand the barricade to get even better things.

Note . If you have a light machine gun, then shoot at the cars – they will explode, killing everyone inside.

Tactic # 2: camp in a fenced house

Find a distant cluster of buildings in a safe area. It is desirable that it consist of several buildings surrounded by a wall. At this point, your squad must begin to strengthen it. By this I mean the following: block the entrance with a car, place two people on the roof, a third inside the building, right by the window, and finally a fourth person on the ground to guard the wall.

This tactic is effective as players on the rooftop will be able to spot approaching opponents and even be the first to attack them. Basically, players on the roof are used as scouts, for early warning of the approach of enemies, but still have to try two or three shots, in which opponents will not be able to answer them. The man in the building only provides cover after the players on the roof have been spotted by enemies. It is this person who should shoot at the opponents until they hide behind cover, which will give time for the gamers on the roof to prepare the next attack (or even the opportunity to run to the enemies for the fourth member of your squad, located in the yard).

Now that you have attracted the attention of enemies to this building, they must go to the territory of the complex, expecting that all opponents are located inside. At this moment, your player, who is outside, should have hidden well, but in such a position in which he can make a powerful attack – for example, stand up with a double-barreled gun in front of the house, have two shotguns in his hands to quickly kill two opponents, etc. … This will give your teammates an edge. If the fourth player has a good weapon and an excellent position, then he should wait until the opposing team passes by before shooting them from behind.

It follows that the player outside should hope to at least kill two enemies. Since the other surviving opponents will either turn around or hide behind shelters, the player inside the house, by the window, must also start their attack. At this stage, the players on the roof have a choice – to shoot or not take risks and throw grenades down. If you do everything right, then your entire team should be alive, and you will receive a large amount of loot.

Tactic # 3: a convoy of cars

Another great squad strategy! Divide your team into two and sometimes even three cars. If possible, the best rider who knows how to drive a motorcycle gets on the bike and rides forward, checking the road for potential hazards. If he comes into contact with the enemy, he appeals to the others that they must prepare for battle (if the motorcyclist is confident of victory) or retreat (if everything is exactly the opposite). Of course, the biker may die, but your entire squad will remain intact.

Imagine if you moved the whole squad in a car and fell into a trap – you would hardly be able to survive. Now, depending on how many cars you have at your disposal, if you decide to enter the battle, then arrange the cars in an arc to create a protective barrier. If there are two people in the car, the passenger must be seated behind the driver (CTRL + “3” by default). This is an excellent option for protection from the enemy, because when the driver sees him, he will be obliged to turn around with his right side, protecting himself (and, it turns out, his ally, who is sitting just like him on the left).

Keep in mind that this tactic is associated with a desire to survive – using it to kill enemies would not be a good idea. This is a safe survival game, so you will need to be as passive as possible. The disadvantage of this tactic is that the cars will have to be refueled. Therefore, before using it, stock up on at least one canister for each vehicle.

The ending of the game

Hopefully, towards the end of the game, your squad will still be at full strength with a good amount of loot. There are only 20 players left, that is, you make up 20% of those present on the map. At this point, I would suggest leaving the cars as their loud engines draw attention, leading to your quick demise. Don’t forget that this mode is completely different from a single player game!

You have to look at the distance. Get ready for flying grenades that will be thrown in your direction. If you do not act correctly, then expect several deaths from one of the grenades. Divide the available medication among the squad members (if there is a safe place to do this) and make sure that everyone has enough ammunition. There will be no way back!

Assess the situation, find an area in which you will have a suitable cover, but at the same time you could see where the enemies are coming from. I suggest not entering buildings as the narrowing circle will eventually push you out into the open air. An open door immediately reveals your position to everyone else. You no longer have the most important element in the ending of the game – the surprise.

As soon as about 15 people remain on the field, if your partner is behaving in a risky way and he was knocked down by enemies, then you do not need to follow him. It is better to have three players at the end of the game than two. Enemies can be hiding anywhere, especially now that many have suits that allow them to blend in with the terrain. Even if you think the path is clear, throw some smoke grenades at the downed player – this will simply improve your safety as you move towards the wounded.

This is where your squad needs to show real team interaction. You must coordinate your actions to deal with the last enemies standing in your way. If you have an advantage in numbers, then a tactic of exchange of the killed may arrange. The loss of a player to the opposing team will mean a lot more. Remember this tactic, but do not forget that it must be possible to exchange.

After a long tactical battle, I hope you get a splash screen with the famous words Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Don’t forget to take a screenshot and capture your victory!

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