How to create clothes in Roblox

Different clothes like t-shirts, shirts and pants can be created in the Roblox game; learn how to do this step by step.

Roblox is a game that constantly tries to raise the creativity of its users. It is possible to produce dozens of different items, from complete sets to pieces of clothing. One of the most popular points is to show style with your outfits and often sell them to other wearers. Learn how to create clothes in Roblox , from shirts to pants.

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Roblox (Image: Disclosure/Roblox)

How to create clothes in Roblox

If you want to squander your creativity in the most varied ways of Roblox , starting with the clothes is very important. The game developed by Roblox Corporation offers different forms of expression on the part of the player, whether through the shirt, shirt or pants that your avatar is wearing. Remember that only users with active subscriptions can create pants and shirts.

In addition to simply showing off your creations while you play, you can sell them for Robux at will. In this way, the user can raise his stylist level to other levels. But before that, learn how to create clothes in Roblox in this walkthrough.

Creating pants, shirts and t-shirts

  1. Download the official Robloxclothing templates ;
  2. Open your favorite image editor and design your clothes using the template as a guide;
  3. Save file as PNG .

Note that the indicated size to use the template is:

Form Size part of the clothing
big square 128 x 128 pixels Front and back of the torso
vertical rectangle 64 x 128 pixels Sides of torso, sides of arms and legs
horizontal rectangle 128 x 64 pixels Upper and lower part of the torso
small square 64 x 64 pixels Upper and lower part of arms and legs

How to upload

  1. Open the menu on the left side of your Robloxpage and click on “Avatar”;
  2. On the next page, click on “Clothes” and choose which item of clothing you want to upload ;
  3. Click on “Create”;
  4. Click on “Choose file”, select the PNG image you created and upload;
  5. T-shirts can be uploaded for free, however pants and shirts have a 10 Robux fee to upload.
  6. Ready! Now you know how to create clothes in Roblox

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