PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Battle Tactics Guide

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Guide, in which we’ll cover different tactics and strategies for fighting


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Sources of noise

Here’s everything that makes noise:

  • Shooting from weapons without a silencer.
  • Driving (sound can be heard up to approximately 120 meters).
  • Reloading weapons.
  • Throw a grenade.
  • Shooting while moving.
  • Crawling movement.
  • Breaking the window.
  • Smoke grenades.

Further about actions that do not make noise:

  • Entering aiming mode.
  • Selecting the shooting mode, setting the zeroing.

If the enemy is at close range, then you can move in the event that the enemy makes even more noise:

  • He runs (you can also run or walk).
  • An airplane is flying by or a transport is driving by.
  • You are in the red zone.
  • Gunshots are heard.

Combat stances

Depending on the specific situation, you need to use different fighting stances, each of which has its own pros and cons. We will talk about them below.

Running into the zone

These are situations where you are trying to get to a certain area as soon as possible or hide from an unknown shooter. Hide the weapon in a holster (you may have a pistol or a grenade in your hands, which do not affect your running speed), and then accelerate with Shift. You can neither attack nor defend. Also, it will not be possible to detect the enemy, and the chances of detecting your character are quite high.

Raiding – high threat

You use running anytime, anywhere in order to collect useful loot as soon as possible. The weapon can be hidden, you make a lot of noise, the likelihood of visual detection is too high. You don’t expect contact with the enemy, you split up with the team.

Motorcycle is the most dangerous type of vehicle in the game

Raiding – Low Threat

You move slowly, move from one building to another with your team. You expect to have to shoot, you are ready to hear any noise to determine where the opponents are. On the other hand, it will not be possible to collect the maximum amount of loot, as in the previous situation.

Detection mode

You are stationary, your weapon is hidden, and the actions are aimed at detecting sources of noise from vehicles or stamping feet. You can find the enemy quite easily and quickly. You may be sitting in bushes or hiding in the shade behind a tree. The chances of anyone discovering the character are low.

Combat mode

You have drawn your weapon and are ready to kill someone. Move slowly, perhaps even squatting, from cover to cover to avoid detection.

Whenever you move from place to place, you need to understand the following:

  • Are you an easy target.
  • An easily killable target (in open space).
  • Approaching a particularly dangerous area.

Solo (and team) tactics and strategies

It is advisable to attack opponents in such a way as to always remain in cover. You can look out from behind him a little and attack the enemy. If you are at a very close distance, then, of course, you can even jump out completely and shoot the enemy with an automatic burst.

If you hear any noise, stop moving and ask your teammates to stop as well. If you hear the sound of a moving car, bend down to remain invisible.

Artillery, gunfire, and airplane drops are great sound cover. The same goes for rain. In this case, you can run up to the enemy without worrying about being heard.

Remember to constantly listen to what your team members have to say. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to concentrate during a firefight. You seem to be drawn into a small world, so you simply won’t be able to focus on any other task other than destroying the enemy. However, try and try to avoid it.

You can add an optional reflex sight to your pistol without adding weight. If you were hit, you can throw away various useful items that will be useful to your comrades, including ammunition.

Do not rush to kill opponents if you are playing in team mode. Watch where the lone enemy is heading. Perhaps his partners will appear very soon. If he does not see you, then you do not need to ask for trouble – make sure that there are no people nearby who can help him. Do not forget that many teams first send one member forward to make sure that the path is clear – you can kill at least two birds with one stone.

If you are motionless and lie on the ground, you will become unnoticed by other people. At very close distances, the grass is shown on any computer, even with the lowest settings. The enemy can literally stand next to you and not suspect anything!

Crouching in the middle of a bush is the most effective way to hide from enemies. It may be necessary to move a little beyond its limits for subsequent shooting. The weapon can stick out of the bush, and if you lie down, your legs can “look out” from there.

Holstering your weapon will move you a little faster.

The camera when playing in third-person mode has a certain binding. So, if you go to the window and when you try to lean out and see what is outside of it, you cannot do it, then equip the weapon and look through it again. This time, you will be able to rotate the camera, looking out of the window.

A weapon in hand will allow you to stick the camera further through the window

Believe it or not, have met such a person or not, some people, in order to gain a few seconds of life when injured, can speak to you. Try to do the same. Perhaps your allies will arrive in time and save you from certain death.

If you know that you have been noticed by the enemy, then you can try to lure him while your partner is waiting for the right moment to attack.

When you shoot your weapon, people nearby will definitely recognize your location. They may try to get around you from behind! But do not forget that this fact can also be used as an advantage – on the one hand, a shot from a weapon attracts, perhaps, the same attention as a drop of supplies, but, on the other hand, you can immediately leave the deployment and hide somewhere like that, to wait for the enemy who is trying to get behind you. You are no longer there, and an unpleasant surprise awaits the enemy.

If you want to kill someone, then do it only after a thorough analysis of the situation – you should not attack the enemy if you are not sure that he will be eliminated. You should not do this if you risk being noticed by a large group of opponents. All this can end up with the fact that you waste ammunition, shooting at an insufficiently clear target, and also give out your deployment.

Try to avoid locations where there are hills, buildings, or other objects in front of, behind, left, and right that pose a threat (where enemies might be hiding).

One small square on the mini-map is 100 meters, while a large one is 1000 meters (1 km). Use the minimap in order to calculate the approximate distance to the target and how to adjust your weapon (this is about zeroing).

Houses, on the one hand, can become your fortress, and on the other, a place of imprisonment. The enemy can simply cover the paths bypassing, waiting for you to get out or the blue circle begins to narrow. You will be afraid to leave the building, which is fraught with a different danger. If you don’t get out in time, you may not have time to get to the next safe zone and die when the map shrinks. It is better to get out in advance, preparing for a shootout with the enemy, and do not delay until the last.

At the start of every match, kill information seems useless. But as you get closer to the TOP-10, start paying attention to who and with what weapon kills other players. This will at least give you an idea of ​​what your opponents have.

When you are going to pick up the fallen prey, then try to remain in constant, and most importantly, chaotic movement. This will complicate the task of opponents who need a fair amount of luck to make an accurate headshot.

When lying on the ground, remember that you cannot aim below or above a certain level. Check what height area you are covering to make sure everything suits you. Otherwise, change position.

The safest is to move around the edge of the play area. Most people strive to get deep. If you move along the edge, then at least one flank will be protected (opponents simply cannot be outside the zone).

Note that players tend to congregate in areas close to the plane’s flight path. Consider this, because in this case, if you move as far as possible from this trajectory, you can search the buildings as quickly as possible and collect a lot of useful loot.

One of the possible flight paths of the aircraft

You’ve heard the saying that the second mouse gets the cheese? So, if you see how two enemy groups are fighting, do not rush to join the battle. Wait until some destroy the others, then deal with them by making a surprise attack, and collect loot from both teams.

If possible, then throw a grenade at them.

If you hear shooting, but the shots are fired with a long pause, then we can conclude that the enemies are probably at a long distance from each other. If there is intense shooting, then both (at least) opponents are located close to each other.

During the last few minutes, the play area will be too small, so multiple scopes will be useless. The best option would be a collimator sight.

Trees can remain the only cover after the play area is reduced. Stand behind one of those, duck down and attack the enemy, slightly looking out from the side. But it can also happen that the trunk of the tree is too thin and therefore your body will look out from behind it and it will not be difficult for the enemy to hit the leg a couple of times.

The tree is a great cover when shooting from a distance.

You don’t need to shoot all enemies. And in some cases, it should be done as cunningly as possible. Let’s assume that you know about an enemy located inside a building. Shoot an enemy located a little further, luring him here, and then run back or hide. Wait until one kills the other, then join the battle and collect loot from both opponents.

This game places a strong emphasis on stealth. Whenever you fire a weapon without a silencer, there is a certain risk of giving away your position. If you are in a small zone, then the enemies will definitely find out about your location. I highly recommend shooting silenced weapons, even if they are less powerful than the others available in your inventory. In this case, the enemy you hit may not even understand where the fire was coming from.

Personally, I think about 200 rifle rounds is more than enough. In the later stages of the game, you should discard excess ammunition and things that you do not intend to use. When your “pockets” are empty, you will be able to collect loot as quickly as possible without manipulating your inventory in search of free space. This needs to be taken care of in advance!

So far, you cannot shoot through cars, doors, window bars in the game. If you want to do this, then, in fact, you need to hit the hole on the door, which was done with the first shot.

You do not need to run around the defeated target, mocking your opponent, because in this case you create unnecessary noise that can attract another opponent. Remember that the last laugh is the one who laughs.

Remember that when you switch the camera from the stock from the right shoulder to the left shoulder, it will remain there until you switch the position yourself. This way, the enemy can take you by surprise by approaching from the left side when your camera is directed away from the left shoulder, making aiming difficult. You will have to switch, and this will give the enemy enough time to kill you.

If you use a pistol with a silencer, then the enemy will not be able to understand where you are.

Patience plays an important role in this game.

When you shoot an enemy, he may try to lie down and disappear into the grass. Nevertheless, continue to shoot at the grass, where the enemy seems to lie, since in this case there is a high probability that you will still finish him off. Shoot at the blood stain if you see one. If they shoot at you and you lay down, then immediately move to the side.

You can assess the perceived threat in a particular territory if you memorized the flight path of the plane and paid attention to where your opponents landed.

Another useful strategy is to take heights. You will be able to see everyone who is below, while opponents will not be able to rise if you shoot them.

If you are afraid that they will start shooting at you from behind, then you can position yourself so that there is grass or trees behind you – for this it is very convenient to use the function of the ALT key (look around without moving the character).

If you are playing as a team and you are killed, then do not forget that you can still communicate in the game and share information with the team. Immediately tell them where the enemy is. Most of the time they will find it, unless you are too far apart, of course.

Don’t go up the hill. Run just below it to avoid being visible on either side of it.

Set long-range weapons to “1”, medium-range weapons to “2” or vice versa. Make a certain layout a habit, act consistently. This way, when the time comes, you will avoid confusion and be able to quickly navigate which key to press to pick up a melee or ranged weapon.

If there are no trees, then hide behind the hills. Get up, shoot at the target and sit down again to heal or knock down the enemy’s sight if necessary.

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