How to make the best submachine gun in Minecraft?

Minecraft is listed as one of the best titles ever for many reasons, but the most important is that it has an overwhelming variety of objects and combinations for them, allowing users to create new things from scratch (after all we are talking of a game that allows you to tame and tame a dragon ). With that in mind, today you will learn how to make the best submachine gun in Minecraft.

And it is that, for no one it is a secret that this title has been kept for so long due to the active community of users it has. Which are dedicated to designing increasingly ambitious projects such as servers and mods (which in turn allow to make and put minigames in Minecraft ), which attract the most novice players like flies.

Make the best submachine gun in Minecraft

In order to make a submachine gun in Minecraft, the first thing you should take into account is that this object does not actually exist in the game, since in this title there are no firearms, the closest thing is the bow.

So to have a submachine gun you have to either build it with blocks or download an official mod from online stores . Today you will see how to make a submachine gun with blocks with a simple redstone circuit, the first thing you will need will be the following materials:

6 blocks of any type ( this depends on the decoration where you are going to place the submachine gun , but if it is stone better), redstone minerals (the amount you need depending on the structure), redstone torches, a dispenser, arrows and a lever or pressure plate.


To begin the creation, first put two stone blocks separated from each other by a square, then make a channel with the redstone mineral powder (the length you prefer, but do not exceed 10 blocks) that passes through the middle of the two blocks (also put the powder on top of these so that it connects to the sides).

Then proceed to place a torch on the sides of the stone, and lastly put a crowbar at one end of the dust channel and the dispenser at the other end. When you turn on the lever the dispenser will automatically trigger the dates that are inside it. And ready with this you can make the best submachine gun in Minecraft , however, there are other ways that you will see below.

Other circuits and mods

To say that you can make the best submachine gun in Minecraft , you should not only limit yourself to the previous structure, since this is the most basic circuit, you can also do it with more dispensers and channels under the ground that reach a pressure plate than when stepped on activate the mechanism automatically.

This is more to your imagination than anything else, but based on the previous principle you should be able to make a submachine gun in any condition. Now, there are also mods, which allow adding firearms to the game (as if it were a sword), the best of these is:


The realistic weapon mod. This adds an exaggerated number of weapons to the game like the Scar, the AK-47 and even missile launchers. Downloading and installing it in the mods folder of the game is at the risk of each person (since it does not work in all versions and you can hang the game, so it is recommended to update Minecraft to the latest version and then try it).

As there are many more, you just have to make sure they are official and that the version of the game you have supports it (in the case of PC players of course).

With the latter you already know how to make the best submachine gun in Minecraft . Use either of the two ways and give free rein to your imagination, so that you become the best player of all. Remember that there are tips on the internet about what are the best mods that you can download and install in Minecraft? , so it wouldn’t be bad if you took a look at them.


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