PUBG: submachine gun guide

An overview of all currently available SMGs in the game: game characteristics, tactical tips


Skirmishes in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are the most common type of combat. At the same time, not all players can boast of phenomenal accuracy to hit a moving target with a carbine. Someone gets in the way of low FPS and high ping, while others just worry and their hands are shaking. Therefore, the choice of the player stops on shotguns and submachine guns. But if the former still require a certain skill in order to put an opponent down with one or two shots, then the PP, due to its rate of fire and versatility, are suitable for any situation and forgive curvature. In this guide, we will look at all the submachine guns available today, as well as give recommendations on what to take with you into battle.

Types of PP

Initially, the SMG (submachine gun) was developed for a pistol cartridge, was compact, lightweight and was popular with both police officers and bandits. However, the small firing range frightened off the military. But during the world wars, the PP also found its own niche – urban battles, assault actions, clearing trenches. In total, there are four types of submachine guns in the game and we will consider the characteristics of each of them.

Micro UZI

Tactical and technical characteristics :

  • Caliber: 9 mm
  • Damage per bullet: 23
  • Magazine size: 25 rounds
  • Bullet speed: 350 m / s
  • Firing range: 100-200 meters
  • Reload time: 3.1 sec
  • Shooting modes: single and automatic

Used body kits : compensator, flame arrester, silencer, enlarged magazine, quick reload magazine + combined, butt.

The Israeli kid is very loved by the players, because of its crazy rate of fire. One horn at close range is usually enough to send even a well-armored enemy to the forefathers. The only limitation is the range of use. The question is not even about the initial speed of the bullet, but about the absence of a rail for the sight. It is almost impossible to aim a figure at a distance through the default front sight, which means that a single mode is not needed. Only automatic, only point-blank, only from the hip. You can even on the run – still no accuracy.

Be sure to use a stock that reduces spread and vertical recoil by 20%. Silencer – optional, since stealth at such a distance is impossible. Therefore, many people prefer a compensator, which reduces bullet spread and vertical recoil by 25%, as well as deflection during shots by 20%. If you have not found it, then it is quite possible to use a flame arrester with more modest parameters in terms of spread (10%). The enlarged magazine will be very useful, which expands the number of cartridges in the horn from 25 to 35. It usually ends after the first fire contact and the more bullets you release, the better.


Tactical and technical characteristics :

  • Caliber: 9 mm
  • Damage per bullet: 35
  • Magazine size: 30 rounds
  • Bullet speed: 400 m / s
  • Firing range: 100-300 meters
  • Reload time: 3.1 sec
  • Shooting modes: single, burst and automatic

Attachments used : compensator, flame arrester, silencer, enlarged magazine, quick reload magazine + combined, angular and vertical forend, sights up to 4x inclusive.

But this is already the king of all PP – the German “jumpik”, the choice of police assault units. In terms of the number of body kits, only Vector can compete with him. A very flexible and versatile barrel, many people even use it as the main barrel. Its rate of fire is worse than ultrasound, but here it is not a minus, but rather a plus, since it allows you to control the recoil even with a long shooting. Accuracy and accuracy for PP are optimal, fire modes are flexible. Sight mounting unlocks the inherent potential for shooting at medium distances. The damage is second only to “Tommy”. There are practically no obvious downsides – editor’s choice!

For a full disclosure of the characteristics, it is imperative to install an enlarged magazine (40 rounds). The vertical forend is also a better choice – it reduces spread by 20%, horizontal recoil by 10% and speeds up weapon changes by 10%. From the entire range of scopes, we recommend a collimator (4x will be superfluous). The angled forend does not have any special advantages for this barrel. It is better to prefer a silencer to flame arresters and compensators, since the distance will allow you to conduct covert fire. And in buildings it is better to screw up people without attracting attention by chirping.


Tactical and technical characteristics :

  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Damage per bullet: 31
  • Magazine size: 13 rounds
  • Bullet speed: 300 m / s
  • Firing range: 50 meters
  • Reload time: 2.2 sec
  • Shooting modes: single, burst and automatic

Attachments used : compensator, flash suppressor, silencer, enlarged magazine, quick reload magazine + combined, vertical forend, tactical stock, sights up to 2x inclusive.

A highly specialized weapon, ideal for ambushes. Wild rate of fire spits 13 rounds in just a couple of seconds, which gives maximum damage in a short period of time. Extremely fast reloading, but usually it does not come to it. Flexible modes of firing, but only automatic is meaningful. A muffled firing sound, the quietest of all SMGs. There is practically no recoil. The disadvantages include a very small effective firing range and a meager magazine volume. Plus, with an increase in the class of armor, its lethality decreases significantly.

First of all, we are looking for an enlarged magazine, which brings the number of charges to 25. Then a tactical stock, since it significantly increases the comfort of shooting: it reduces the spread of bullets by 20%, reduces swaying and speeds up the change of weapons by 10%, dampens recoil by 15%. Next, we stick in the vertical forend (angular does not fit). It is better to set the sight with a collimator, because the rest do not make sense with such a firing range. You can do without it altogether. But what to put on the barrel is a controversial issue. The flame arrester is definitely overboard, but the compensator is a must-have! A muffler can not always be found, and it is needed – like a dog’s fifth leg. And now – before you the perfect killer at short distances!


Tactical and technical characteristics :

  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Damage per bullet: 38
  • Magazine size: 30 rounds
  • Bullet speed: 280 m / s
  • Firing range: 100-200 meters
  • Reload time: 3.45 seconds
  • Shooting modes: single and automatic

Used body kits : muffler, increased magazine, quick reload magazine + combined, vertical forend.

A gangster gun for lovers of hop-stops and hot gunfights. In early versions of the game, it fell only in airdrops, but then the developers listened to the players and made it available for free loot. The pluses include only non-acid damage (almost like assault rifles) and the size of the increased magazine for 50 rounds. The rest is a very controversial trunk. A small number of attachments, the inability to hang the sight, low rate of fire and accuracy – all this does not allow effective shooting at medium and long distances.

It is mainly used for fire support in squads, when you need to suppress the enemy in cover so that he does not stick his head out. If you find a muffler, then cling – it won’t get any worse. Vertical forend and enlarged magazine to boot. We advise you to change this weapon on occasion for a more suitable one. However, in the right hands “Tommy-Gun” is capable of many things.

Tactical advice

Shooting with submachine guns does not require special skills, but their general distance limitation forever prescribes them in the second slot. But at the same time, unlike assault rifles, you will always find PPs even in a dry shed, as well as ammunition for them. It is a support weapon, more suited to narrow spaces and confined spaces. Where it is difficult to turn around with a bulky machine gun, the SMG will show maximum reaction.

Hence the main advice – close the distance. Let the enemy get closer, you need to shoot almost at point-blank range to exclude any chances of survival. And then squeeze the trigger and water it with bullets, like from a hose. Moral damage will be added to physical damage. It is very difficult to think under heavy fire when your hit points are melting before our eyes. The enemy will begin to twitch, miss and thereby hasten his death.

Be sure to look for an enlarged store or a combined one. The life of a PP-schnick is usually reckoned with horn cartridges. The more of them, the higher the chance to kill your opponent. As soon as you go to reload, the lafa ends. The enemy is not dead, knows where you are and is preparing countermeasures. And given the more powerful and accurate caliber of assault rifles and carbines, in a fair firefight, you are not shining a fig. If you missed, it is better to retreat to reserve positions altogether and arrange a secondary ambush.

In general, ambushes are the best type of combat for submachine guns. Ultrasound and Vector are especially suitable for this, as the fastest-firing barrels in the game. At the same time, it is better to organize traps in buildings, when viewed from a third person. It is not necessary to switch to aiming mode from the first person, you just run out from behind the shelter and stick the whole horn from your hip. You can even combine this with rapprochement, for guaranteed defeat. Opponents usually get lost from such pressure and give you a chance for an additional recharge.

So which submachine gun should you choose if you prefer accurate and deadly shooting? Professional players did not trust the official data, but simply arranged a test for the accuracy of each barrel. And here’s what turned out. Oddly enough, the ultrasound scan stood out against the background of its fellows for the better. The UMP9 and Vector are not very different from each other in terms of vertical recoil, however the former is more stable and easier to handle due to its lower rate of fire. Vector, in turn, fires the first 8-10 bullets with very good accuracy. It is better not to mention “Tommy-gun” at all in this context, so as not to spoil your impression.

Accuracy table


Submachine guns are a very important part of the gameplay in PUBG. There is not a single player who has never fired a PP at an enemy in his life. Their affordability and versatility has earned them a bad reputation – most professional gamers consider them a weapon for noobs. This is far from the case, because it is not the barrel itself and its characteristics that are important, but the ability to handle it and tactical horizons. SMG players are fearless, dynamic and have a very good map feel. There are practically no campers among them, which is almost a compliment. I advise everyone to carry these little killing machines in the second slot.

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