How to add and configure payment method in Google Adsense?

Everyone knows that Google is one of the largest companies out there. This title of greatness is due to how well it works and the different extensions and programs that have been added over time (such as payment methods). So last is today’s appointment to learn how to add and configure payment method in Google Adsense.

This company never leaves its users alone, and as the internet and technology advanced they did too, to make sure they provide the best service.

With that in mind they created Google Adsense, a platform for receiving advertising payments, for those who work on websites such as YouTube (if you want to know how to create an account in Google Adsense for YouTube and Webs, first read this tutorial and then proceed to find another that gives you context about that).

Add and configure payment method in Google Adsense

To get straight to the point, the first and foremost thing you have to do to start setting up the payment methods is to enter or log in to your Google Adsense account. Then in there you will see an option called ” Payments ” select it, so that a new section will open where there will be another option with the name of “Manage payment methods”.

Click on it and then choose “Add payment method” , inside you can edit the information of your bank account or enter it from scratch if you have never done it. On that same page there is a box called “Set as main payment method”, enable it if you want the data you entered to be the number one payment method.


Once you finish your configuration, click on ” Save ” and voila, you have already managed to add and configure a payment method in Google Adsense in a simple way and without taking any time (that is, you can start making money and generate income with a website ).

Now, Google Adsense has many payment methods, different from each other but just as effective, which are good that you know so that you have several options when claiming your money.

The different payment options

Now that you have learned how to add and configure a payment method in Google Adsense, it is time for you to know what are the different methods with which you can receive your money. The first is through a bank account.

To achieve this you just have to follow all the previous steps and verify your account with a test deposit. Once this is done, the money will fall into your account automatically converted to the currency of your country (not all countries are included for this method so check the list on Google).

Rapida and Western Union

There are also two other ways to receive your payments quickly and easily through two specific applications. In the case of Rápida, it is for publishers who have an individual account with an address in Russia.

The configuration is the same as with the bank transfer, only that when adding the payment method you must select ” Quick “, and then fill in the required data such as the ID template and the legal documentation that supports that you are in that country.


And in the case of Western Union, the money is withdrawn through the quickcash method or fast money, which allows it to arrive in cash in less than 15 minutes at any of the points of this bank in your country (as happens with the above not all countries are available for this method)

With that last, you already know everything you need to be able to add and configure a payment method in Google Adsense, now you only have to reach the necessary payment limit in your account and withdraw your money with any of these simple methods, which Google has put to do your life much easier.

In the event that you do not live in one of the countries where you can charge by these means, search online for a legal solution that allows you to receive your money in the same way , since from anywhere in the world you can make money online, do not give up.

Finally, if for some reason you did not like Google’s option, you can always search what are the alternative options to Google Adsense to monetize? , so that you can find something that satisfies you (however, you should give Adsense one, because it even has its own mobile application in the world- renowned PlayStore ).


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