How to make potions with Alchemy in Minecraft

The possibilities of actions in Minecraft, are limited only by the imagination of the users. So there is no limit to everything we can do in the Minecraft universe ; For this reason, this game is classified as one of the most demanded and addictive of the last decades .

This has brought us together here, because a guide is necessary in the face of so many possibilities; Knowing how to remove or remove spells and enchantments in Minecraft is not enough to experience a truly pleasant experience. We must know how to make potions with Alchemy in Minecraft , and for this we take and form a recipe guide.

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  1. How many potions are there inside Minecraft?
  2. How are potions made in Minecraft 1.16.1?
  3. How to make Minecraft potions according to its category?
    1. Regeneration
    2. Of invisibility
    3. Of weakness
    4. Of strength
    5. Speed
  4. What are the best potions you can use in the game? (Prescriptions)
    1. Healing and damage together
    2. Extra strength and speed
  5. What potions do you have to watch out for for negative effects?
  6. What potions are used for multiplayer?

How many potions are there inside Minecraft?

It is a complex question, it will depend directly on the version of Minecraft that is used in question. However, we can talk about the entire repertoire and from there calculate the existing positions. On the other hand, there was great expectation for the beta version of the 1.9 edition since the number of potions to be available was calculated at 161.

But the reality seems to be another between forecast and practice. There are forecasts that estimate a number of positions to be available under number 2653; but a real use takes the number of 22, that is, there would be 22 potions available in Minecraft without having to go to external agents to increase that amount.

Of those existing up to version 1.9, there are a total of 19 that have 1 of 8 dissimilar effects. Which complicates talking about a number of potions within Minecraft. Since a potion would be the general measure to take the number, but the combination ability causes this number to fluctuate.

We are going to analyze the basis of the confusion and thus be able to give an exact number. The limitation in the Minecraft world was the method of use in manufacturing . Let’s remember that a potion starts from a factory inside a glass bottle.

By adding water to it, the creator element is created where the ingredients that create the options are mixed. For example a Flask of Water plus Infernal Wart creates the Rare Potion. That sequence of mixes is what limits getting a number of potions. Because under that mechanic, 14 base potions would be created, from where adding more ingredients would exponentially multiply the total number.

Now, it can be said that the base potions are actually the amount of potions existing in Minecraft; since the rest are just combined, added and improved. But this issue is intensified with the use of the cauldron in version 1.9.

There it is possible to manufacture positions with multiple ingredients from which the 161 potions that fans have been waiting for would emerge. But talking about base potions without taking into account the additions to the cauldron would leave that 161 on an invariable base; however the detail is that if you can add more ingredients and combine in many ways. Therefore, the ingredients will actually be the ones who decide the amount of existing potions , being able to reach the 2653 potions that we talked about at the beginning.

How are potions made in Minecraft 1.16.1?

The first thing we should know is that we deserve basic elements, they in turn will be the platform and means of production for the potions. In the first instance we need glass jars, as well as a cauldron to expand our possibilities.

We also need water, to later distill the ingredients in the potion holder. But we must remember that not only does the above warrant, each particular ingredient is needed for each potion , and it depends on our needs and desires.

We need the water to be able to attach it to the Glass Jar, so we will have our bottle of water that will be where all the potions come from or, failing that, put them together to attach them to the cauldron. Seeing how easy it is to make potions, we understand the addiction that leads Internet users to want to play Minecraft even without internet or data.

Once the previous elements are present, we attach basic generating elements such as Gunpowder or Infernal Wart to the Flask with water. But let’s remember that the use of the infernal wart is the creative element of the Rare Potion and it in turn is the basis for the vast majority of potions.

 How to make Minecraft potions according to its category?

Based on our category we can manage to make or manufacture a series of positions. But in general measures the ones with the greatest demand and need are the following:


We need a base position that will be for the Rare Potion. She is achieved by combining Water Flask plus Infernal Wart; When we have the base ready, we are going to attach Lagrima de Ghast , and that’s it. During a period of 45 total seconds; This potion will regenerate half a heart every two and a half seconds.

Of invisibility

In this case we are going to attach to our Rare Potion, Golden Carrot , this will create the Night Vision Potion. In turn, we are going to add Fermented Spider Eye to her , making our Invisibility Potion ready. If we don’t wear any armor, this potion will make us completely invisible.

Of weakness

Through its application, it will be possible during an interval of 90 seconds, to reduce the physical damage by a value of 4 points. For this we only deserve Fermented Spider Eye , which will be attached to the Bottle with water.

 Of strength

Through it, the melee damage will be increased by 3 points of life, in a time interval of 3 minutes. To make it we only deserve Blaze Powder , which will be added to our demanded Rare Potion.


When applying the potion, the speed percentage will be increased by 20% for 3 minutes. For this we only need to add Sugar to our Rare Potion , making our Speed ​​Potion ready.

What are the best potions you can use in the game? (Prescriptions)

This will depend directly on the actions and needs that the player deserves . But there are a series of potions that will be of great relevance; For actions and adventures in the game, let’s look at some of them.

We can go to the Regeneration Potion II, it should not be confused with the Extensive Regeneration Potion; Only Abyssal Wart merits, added to the iconic Ghast Tear plus Glowstone Dust.

We must also include the Aquatic Breathing Potion, it is one of the most ignored, but at the same time one of the most useful and also the best. We only deserve Nether Wart added to Puffer Fish.

The Potion of Jump cannot be left out. It is one of the simplest to make , it only requires the Abyssal Wart attached to the Rabbit’s Foot.

Of course it is among the best , the Night Vision, which only deserves the Abyssal Wart mixed with Golden Carrot. But there are the big favorites that need their own analysis.

 Healing and damage together

This can be a great duo when it comes to playing the Minecraft world; the applicability of Heal and Damage together, may be possible by crafting both. For this we deserve the following:

In the case of Healing, only Nether Wart is needed in addition to Shimmering Watermelon But if we want a more powerful version, we can opt for Healing II; where Abysmal Wart, Shimmering Watermelon and the addition of Luminous Stone Dust are merited.

For its part, the Damage Potion, requests the mixture between Nether Wart, Shimmering Watermelon and the fermented Spider Eye annex Or failing that, it is also possible through the combined use of Abyssal Wart, Spider Eye and adding fermented Spider Eye.

We can go further and create Damage II, it only merits Abyssal Wart, Shimmering Watermelon, Fermented Spider’s Eye, and Glowstone Dust.

 Extra strength and speed

For the application of these potions, we will need in the first instance for the Force; the base of Nether Wart, adding Flame Dust . But we can increase this elixir by adding Redstone to the formula and thus create the Extra Strength Potion version. On the other hand, it is possible to mix Luminous Stone Powder, mixed with Flame Powder and Abyssal Wart to create the version of Potion of Strength II.

For its part, for Speed, we go to the   Sugar formulary added to the Abyssal Wart , to create the Speed ​​Potion. If we want an extensive Speed ​​or Speed, we must add the Redstone to the mix. Now, we can go in the same way to the version of Speed ​​or Speed ​​II, for this we only add Luminous Stone Powder, to our preparation with Abyssal Wart and Sugar.

 What potions do you have to watch out for for negative effects?

Everything cannot be added in Minecraft alchemy. There are potions that bring advantages, but at the same time we must take care of the negative effects that their use brings against us. And we’re not just talking about the Poison Potion .

But since we mentioned it, let’s analyze it. In its duration of 45 seconds, it will cause a general data of 36, that is, 18 yellow hearts times 2, however it does not lower health. In the duration of a minute and a half, it deals a total of 96 damage but without lowering health. For its part , Poison Potion II will cause a damage of 38, without lowering health and with a duration of 22 seconds.

We have to study the Potion of Weakness in the same way . She will reduce the physical damage, in its minute and a half version, by 4, that is, two red hearts. But in the 4 minute version; it will reduce physical damage by 0.50, which is equal to 0.25 hearts.

The Slowness Potion for its part, in its minute and a half and four minute versions of use, will slow down a creature or, by default, a player, by a percentage of 15, and scale 15 points each level. And in the most durable version, 4.75 in blocks every second running.

In analysis it takes us to the Damage Potion , and its second form. Both with instant effect, the first with a damage of 3, that is to say a heart and a half. And the Damage Potion II version carries a damage of 6, that is 3 hearts and is doubled at each level that is added.

Finally we have the Potion of Decay . With a duration of 40 seconds. It will damage half a heart per second; for a final damage of 40.

But study the special cases, where the effects are mixed. It’s about the Turtle Master Potion; In its initial version, and under the intervals of 20 and 40 seconds, it will increase the resistance by a percentage of 60. But it reduces the speed by the same amount.

For its part, in the Turtle Master Potion II version , it has a durability of 20 seconds. Where you will increase the resistance by a percentage of 80; but it slows down by 90%.

What potions are used for multiplayer?

Given the multiplicity of current options, it is more appropriate to refer to those that are not available, they are the Potions of Haste, Nausea, Dullness, Blindness, Decay, Hunger and Resistance.

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