How to fix Zoom audio problems

One of the main problems that can occur in Zoom has to do with the audio . This plugin is one of the most important if not the most important after the video. For this reason, here we will teach you how to solve problems that may occur with the audio when you are using Zoom.

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  1. What are the most common reasons why Zoom meeting audio fails?
  2. What can I do if my Zoom colleagues are not listening to me?
    1. From your cell phone
    2. From PC
  3. How can I improve the audio in my Zoom conference?
  4. How can I avoid having problems with the audio in my meetings again?
    1. Correctly configure Zoom
    2. Use an external microphone

What are the most common reasons why Zoom meeting audio fails?

The first thing we have to check is our audio input, if our microphone does not work correctly it will cut out. To do this we can simply test the microphone from the sound test of the app.

Another reason may be that our microphone is manually muted . Currently many microphones have a button to cut or mute the audio input. This is independent of whether or not it is connected to the PC.

Another common reason is usually our internet connection . If we have a slow internet, we will hear how our voice comes out robotized and not very understandable. Each of these problems can be evidenced when entering a Zoom meeting .

What can I do if my Zoom colleagues are not listening to me?

If your colleagues are not listening to you, you can try some steps. This can be done on both PC and mobile and the steps are similar.

From your cell phone

Once we enter the meeting from the mobile , what we will have to look at will be the lower panel. In this we will see the symbol of the microphone, if it has an ‘X’ sign or a line that cuts it, it means that it is deactivated. The same applies to the video and to activate it you simply have to tap on the icon. If this does not work then you will have to exit the call and go to the audio settings.

Once here you can test your microphone by tapping on test. The application will start a recording , you have to talk a bit and then play it. This way you will know if the microphone is in good condition. Finally you can try to restart the cell phone.

From PC

In the case of the computer, the first thing to do is check the settings of our microphone . For this we will have to use the options bar within the call, where we will be allowed to do a microphone and speaker test. When we enter here we will simply have to start the test and pronounce some words , if then we hear them clearly then everything will be correct.

If this is the case then the browser may not have permissions to use the microphone, which we can solve by pressing the button in the search bar.

By clicking on it we will see the permissions requested by the page , if we look at that same list there will be the microphone which must be allowed. As a last alternative you can think of clearing the cache files of the computer and the browser, so the problem should be solved.

How can I improve the audio in my Zoom conference?

The best way to improve the audio in Zoom is by getting a good microphone or just making the call in a quiet room. In this way we can greatly improve the way in which the sound is captured and then sent to our colleagues.

Likewise, you must keep your drivers updated so that they know how to control your microphone . Additionally, as a tip when you start a call, try to place your mobile away from the microphone, this because the microphone can capture the signals sent by the mobile and that this is heard as interference.

How can I avoid having problems with the audio in my meetings again?

In order not to have more problems with the sound, it is best to make a good configuration to the device. This way it will pick up the signals quickly and without any interference or noise.

Correctly configure Zoom

From the sound options that we have mentioned above, we will be able to test and adjust both the microphone and the speakers. If we configure the application with our devices and also do the tests, we will not have problems with calls again. This is true until we decide to change one of our audio devices.

Use an external microphone

If your computer’s microphone is somewhat outdated, you can buy a new one that is external. These can have input by USB cable or jack and are currently a great option. Especially the USB microphones that do not depend on the hardware of the computer, but have their own integrated.

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