Torches in Minecraft: How to make different types of campfires

The pandemic has radically changed the way of life of the vast majority of people in the world. Unless you’re in one of the least affected countries like Israel or New Zealand, you know that everyone spends twice or three times as much time at home as they did before. Many people are considering moving into the gaming world for more entertainment, thanks to their time at home.

One way to enter this world is through Minecraft. This is a very friendly survival game, with which almost all youngsters are familiar. If you want to download it, it is important that you know if your computer or phone meets the Minimum Requirements of Minecraft, you can even download Minecraft on PC if you want.

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  1. How to make torches in Minecraft – Campfires, lighters and fire – Step by step
    1. Normal torches
    2. Blue torches
    3. Colored torches
    4. Soul torches
    5. Redstone Torches
    6. Carbonless torches
  2. How to make different types of bonfires in Minecraft
    1. Normal bonfires
    2. Campfires without mods
    3. Bonfires of soul
    4. Blue campfire
  3. How to make fire in Minecraft
    1. With a lighter
    2. Firework
    3. Infinite fire
    4. How to make balls of fire
    5. No lighter or lighter
  4. How to make torches, bonfires or lighters in survival mode
  5. How to make the fire not go out in Minecraft
  6. How to make lighters in Minecraft
    1. Diamond lighters
    2. Colored lighters

How to make torches in Minecraft – Campfires, lighters and fire – Step by step

This is essential for anyone who wants to get into this game, as the game serves a large number of useful applications for the player, ranging from weed removal to the ability to cook meat .

When it is said that Minecraft is a survival game, it is that you even have a blood meter, and that you are going to hurt yourself if you try to eat meat without cooking.

Normal torches

To make a Torch, you are going to need to go to the forest, cut down some trees and convert their log wood to wooden plates. This is achieved by leaving the trunk blocks on our crafting menu. Stacking two blocks of processed wood will make a group of poles.

When you have the rods, you will need Coal. This is very easy to obtain, as its mineral is quite recognizable. If you put a coal on a stick on the crafting table, it will give you a torch.

Blue torches

To be able to make blue fire torches, the first thing you must do is open a portal to go to the Nether , in this biome you will find a ground called Soul Sand and to one side there will be a new block called Soul Soil that has an appearance of wavy earth and when crossing it it won’t stop you.

You will have to grab these blocks of Soul Soil and then collect charcoal or firewood and a stick , you throw it at your crafting table and you will get four blue fire torches for each batch of materials you place.

Colored torches

In order to create colored torches you must make sure to activate the Education Edition mode to be able to use the chemistry characteristics in the game, in the inventory you will have the chemical elements that you will need for the creation of the torches and you must use the formulas exactly or not it will work for you.

You must go to the compound creator to create the bottles that will change the color of your torches with the following formulas:

  • Tungsten (74) +6 Chlorine (17) = Tungsten chloride bottle.
  • Mercury (80) + 3 chlorine (17) = mercury chloride bottle.
  • Cerium (58) + 3 chlorine (17) = cerium chloride bottle.
  • potassium (19) + 1 chlorine (17) = potassium chloride bottle.

Once the bottles are obtained, you must go to manufacture and first place one of the bottles with a torch, and so on until we obtain a purple, blue, red, and green torch.

Soul torches

To create soul torches you will need blocks of soul earth or soul sand, coal, and a stick . Then you will go to the Crafting table and put all these materials and you will get four soul torches.

Redstone Torches

Redstone torches serve as a power source in redstone circuits or to give off a creepy, dim light. The first thing you must do to create them is to obtain a red stone and the easiest way is to extract it directly from the red stone mineral that is formed in the subsoil.

Then you will need a stick and you combine it with the red stone in the creation menu, from a single stick and red stone a redstone torch will be created or as its translation says of a red stone torch.

Carbonless torches

If you don’t have coal, the first thing you should do is a kiln with 8 stones on the Crafting table leaving the middle space empty, you will place the kiln on the floor and in the upper slot you will place wood, above the flames and in the lower slot You will place wooden boards, activate the oven and the wood that you placed above will burn and turn into charcoal.

After obtaining charcoal, combine it with the wooden sticks on the Crafting table and you will get your torches.

How to make different types of bonfires in Minecraft

This is a very cute decorative block, which adds warmth to our in-game spaces. It is important that you know that the campfire also ejects a column of smoke that you can see in the distance, in order to be able to locate your house with ease.

When you create a campfire, you also create a light source that will keep monsters out of your house. This is very important, because they can kill you. In case it is a zombie, it can try to break down your door. The Creepers will try to exploit you and the skeletons will try to give you arrows until you see you die.

It is important that you know that you can use any type of wood for your bonfires, and that there is also the blue variant that is made by exchanging coal for Tierra Alma, which comes out in the Nether.

Normal bonfires

To create this device you will need to go to the forest and acquire 3 wooden blocks, which you will need to peel. This is done with the right mouse button when you have an ax and before hitting the block.

Also, you are going to need a coal ore and 3 sticks. When you have everything accumulated, you will have to go to your crafting table. In the 3 spaces below you are going to locate your wood. In the center of the crafting space you will put your coal. This will be accompanied on the sides by two sticks, and you must also put one on top of it. This will make you create your campfire.

Campfires without mods

To make a campfire without mods you must go to the settings and make sure that the tricks are deactivated , after this you will need the following materials: 1 Bed, 4 rock walls, 3 water buckets, 9 grass blocks, 4 armor supports, 1 lava cube, 4 slime blocks, 1 red stone block, 2 normal pistons and if you want to decorate, wood.

Next, I will describe step by step how to make your campfire without mods:

  1. We must open a hole of 3×2 deeper and in the middle of the left side, then put the bed on the left side under the hole in the middle, at the foot of the bed you will put two stone walls and next to the wall another two walls more.
  2. On the right side of the bed you will put water, put it in the upper block so that in this way the current goes down towards the walls , then you will cover those two blocks.
  3. You will put a bucket of water in the space in the middle of the left side that has less depth.
  4. Next to this you will put two blocks of grass up and start to place the armor supports, make sure they are one in each direction, they will be in the shape of a star .
  5. Next, you will put a block of earth where you placed the water and you will remove the blocks of grass that were placed to put the supports, they will immediately begin to move like a kind of jumps.
  6. Wherever the water current is, you will put the last bucket of water, so that the water current is eliminated and the supports stop jumping.
  7. You will remove the two rock walls above and quickly you must remove the rock wall that is behind the bed and put a bucket of lava, remember that this step must be quick to achieve it .
  8. You already have the fire, now you must cover the ground, but it is not that easy. You must place a platform of 4 blocks of grass on top of the fire and on top of these blocks put the 4 blocks of slime and a piston pointing downwards.
  9. Activate the piston with the redstone block and lower one layer, you must repeat this procedure until it goes down enough.
  10. Finally, you will remove the slime blocks, the redstone blocks and the piston and you will have an incredible campfire without using mods.

Bonfires of soul

First you must make a portal to reach the Nether, once there, look for the biome of the valley of the sands of the soul and next to this you will find the land of the soul, you will recognize it because you will see blue flames that come out of the ground, harvest land of the soul to be able to make the fire.

You will need some sticks and three pieces of wood and you will go to the Crafting table, you will place the soul land in the middle , three pieces of wood at the bottom and the three wooden sticks you place on each side of the soul land and so you will get a bonfire of soul.

Blue campfire

To make a blue campfire you only need Soul Soil or Soul Sand (you will find it in the Nether,) three wooden blocks and three sticks, you will go to the work table and for each campfire you must place in the middle a block of Soul Soil or Soul Sand , in the bottom row you will place the three wooden blocks and the triangular shaped wooden sticks around the Soul Soil or Soul Sand and voila you will have your blue campfire.

How to make fire in Minecraft

To make a fire you need a lighter. To be able to do one of these you will need to have a shovel and go to the closest gravel quarry you have. In this you will have to shovel the gravel blocks until you get a Flint. Once you have this, you must go down to your mine and look for iron ore, melt it and create an iron ingot.

Once you have these two, you can join them on the crafting table next to each other so that your game generates a Lighter, or Flint And Steel , if your game is in English.

To be able to make fire with your new lighter, you will only need to point at the block you want to light and activate your mouse with the left click. This gadget is a lot of fun to annoy your friends in case you can play Multiplayer Minecraft.

With a lighter

The lighter is created with a flint and an iron ingot on the crafting table, once you get the lighter you can make fire by lighting the blocks and wooden objects.


You must have a work table and gather a sheet of paper, a unit of gunpowder, a unit of dye and a fireworks star so that it can explode, all these elements will be added to your work table in any space and as a result you will create fireworks rockets.

Infinite fire

In order to make infinite fire you will need to get a Netherrack block , these blocks can be found in the Nether and when you light it with the lighter the fire will never go out and you will get infinite fire.

How to make balls of fire

Making fireballs is really simple, you only need gunpowder and charcoal that can be stone or wood, gunpowder can be obtained from ghosts or witches, creepers, Efreet’s gunpowder.

To do it you must go to the work table and place the gunpowder in the second cell in the first row, under this you will place more gunpowder and underneath coal and voila you will get three fireballs.

No lighter or lighter

If you need fire and you do not have a lighter or lighter you only need a cube of lava and wood, for this you must make a hole and pour the lava there, put the wooden cubes on top and they will start to ignite.

This trick is very useful when you need to light a portal to the Nether and you do not have a lighter or lighter, you must make the structure of the portal , below in the back you will pour the lava cube, you will put the wood on top, it will ignite and light your portal to the Nether.

How to make torches, bonfires or lighters in survival mode

Survival mode basically consists of your life bar, since if you let it reach zero you die, in creative mode this would not happen, but if you are playing in this mode and want to create torches, campfires or lighters you only have to collect the necessary materials and you can do anything you want.

How to make the fire not go out in Minecraft

It is very easy you just have to use the Netherrack that you find in the Nether, with this block and a fireplace or lighter you can light the Netherrack block and you will get a fire that does not go out unless you want to put it out.

How to make lighters in Minecraft

You only need a flint and an iron ingot , then you will go to the workbench and put these two objects and thus you will get a lighter.

Diamond lighters

Minecraft players have a legend that diamond lighters exist, but no, not yet, what you can do is create a portal to go to the diamond dimension.

You only need to make the structure of the portal with 14 blocks of diamonds and a lighter to light it, it is very easy to make the lighter you just have to put a flint and an iron ingot on the work table and with this you can light the portal to go to the diamond dimension.

Colored lighters

In order to have colored lighters you must install the Ligher Mod for Minecraft where Zippo type lighters of different colors are added , remember that lighters use fuel, you must have the zippo in your hand and the liquid in the other and then press Q and it you will be able to use.

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