Sons of the Forest: Build campfires and break sticks

In Sons of the Forest, how do you actually break the sticks in two and use them to build a campfire? After landing on the island from the helicopter crash, many players will probably first set up a small shelter. So take out the tarpaulin, attach a stick to a corner and you have your first “tent”. In addition to fatigue, the character also gets thirsty and hungry quite quickly. When eating, you can either search the blueberry bushes or hunt for a piece of meat with a spear. The meat can be eaten raw or cooked over a campfire. The only question is how to build the campfire?

Build a campfire out of two sticks

For the “simple campfire” you just need two sticks. The sticks can be found lying all over the ground in the forest. You can then use the two sticks to build a campfire, but you have to break the sticks beforehand. Here the question often arises, which button can be used to break the sticks? All you have to do is pick up the stick, look down and press the right mouse button. Then you can break the stick with the left mouse button. Last but not least, you have to light the fire by taking the lighter in your hand and using a leaf to light the campfire.

The fire will automatically go out over time. If you always put more wood in time, you can keep the fire on. Alternatively, there is also the possibility to build a so-called reinforced campfire and this is how it works.

Build Reinforced Fire

In addition to normal fire, there is also increased fire. You not only need two sticks and a lighter for this, but also six stones. The stones, like the sticks, are relatively easy to find on the ground in the forest. Incidentally, the large white stones are not to be confused with the small stones, which are not suitable for the reinforced campfire.

  • 2x sticks (break)
  • 6x stones
  • 1x lighter

Structurally, the reinforced fire is the same as the normal campfire. So break the sticks, put them on the ground and light them with the lighter. Then select the stones in the inventory and place them around the campfire.

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