All armor in Sons of the Forest

We tell you how to craft or where to find all sets of armor in the game

In the first few minutes of playing Sons of the Forest, among the main tasks you will need to acquire armor. Without any armor, fighting cannibals, monsters and wild beasts, you can die from one or two critical hits. Therefore, the manufacture of armor is of key importance.

Armor will not only protect you from external influences and attacks, but also provide a number of other advantages. For example, it will warm in cold winters. However, not all armors have additional buffs.

Briefly about all types of armor

  • Leaf armor. Gives low protection, easy to craft.
  • Spooky Armor – can be obtained by killing monsters, not craftable.
  • Bone armor gives medium protection, has an average crafting difficulty.
  • Deerskin armor. We’ll have to go hunting and kill a few deer. Use ranged weapons. Warms up well.
  • Technical armor. It gives high protection, but it is also difficult to craft.
  • Golden armor. High defense, not craftable, but hard to get.

golden armor

Let’s start with the best armor in Sons of the Forest at the moment. It significantly improves performance and provides maximum protection. Compared to other types of armor, it has constant durability and is not damaged by enemy attacks. However, you won’t be able to craft it, and in order to get armor, you will have to make every effort. This will happen towards the end of the game. This is the only armor in the game that covers your character from head to toe.

What’s more, you have to get it to finish the game. The gate to the east bunker, leading to the lava caves, will only open after you get the gold armor. After equipping it, simply interact with the gate, and they will open automatically.

Unlike other armors, it can be found in a specific location and does not require any items to craft. To get this armor, you need to get to the second level of the cave in the southeast. In addition, to gain access to a locked door, you will need several key cards at once (you will receive them gradually, in total – three pieces). In a separate guide, we told you how to complete Sons of the Forest, and there is also a description of the golden armor.

Technical armor

Tech armor looks less fancy and may seem to have better stats compared to gold. Yes, it provides good protection, but the cost of manufacturing exceeds its merits. In addition, you will have to craft each part separately, and this is perhaps the most serious drawback. To make a complete set, you need 10 parts:

  • One techno fabric
  • One tape
  • One battery
  • one wire
  • One charge
  • 250 ml printer resin (for tech fabric)

Already from the list of these items, it becomes clear that finding some will be extremely difficult. Tape, wires, batteries and a board can be found in the usual places where you collect loot. Just do your usual thing and soon you will collect several portions of each resource. However, difficulties will arise with techno-fabric. You will have to create it on a 3D printer. All printers are hidden exclusively in underground bunkers.

For the manufacture of techno-fabric, you need 250 ml of resin. Each printer has 850 ml of resin by default, and about 200 can be found on adjacent shelves. Once you have crafted the tech fabric, you can combine other materials with it and craft armor. But this is just one part. You will have to create 9 more parts, and then combine all ten, and only then you will have a full set of technical armor!

Buckskin Armor

Buckskin armor is not easy to make, but it will give the same protective characteristics as bone armor. The items needed to create such armor are not that rare, but they are more difficult to obtain than ordinary tape or a battery (let alone sticks). On the other hand, since the armor is made of leather, it additionally protects you from the cold.

What you need for crafting:

  • One fabric
  • Two deer skins

Agree, this is not so expensive, especially since deerskin armor provides better protection than leaf armor. To get the skin, go hunting for deer, use ranged or melee weapons, but in this case you will have to sneak up on the animal from behind. A few melee attacks will be enough to kill a deer, but the beast will still try to run away as soon as it spots you.

As for the fabric, its search looks approximately the same as trying to collect batteries, wire or board. In general, like any object that is not available in nature. Look around the various camps and bunkers, look into the containers and boxes, and soon you will find several pieces of cloth. After that, combine items to create armor.

Bone armor

Bone Armor is a decent piece of armor to protect against incoming damage. It’s easy to craft, and provides better protection than creepy armor or leaf armor. As mentioned above, the level of protection is identical to deerskin armor. You can easily find the components for its manufacture in the world around you.

  • four bones
  • One tape
  • one rope

From the point of view of finding resources for crafting, bone armor is not so expensive and in terms of price to quality ratio (resources / protection) is much better than other armors. Bones are found in almost every cave. You also get them after killing mutants, as a result of excavations, searches of cannibal camps and cemeteries. Another way to get bones is to burn the bodies with a Molotov cocktail, which is available already in the early stages of the game. In general, you will have them in bulk.

Tape and rope can be found inside containers and crates, although it’s more difficult to do than to collect a couple of dozen bones. Explore various attractions and soon discover these resources.

Spooky Armor

As the name suggests, this armor is crafted from the skin of cannibals. Leather is not as strong, so it provides little basic protection, although its main advantage lies in the fact that it is extremely easy to manufacture. Unlike technical armor, creepy armor consists of one piece. On the other hand, it reduces stealth, so it will be easier for beasts and mutants to detect you.

What you need for crafting:

  • One mutant skin
  • Regular knife (not lost after crafting)

To create a creepy armor, first hunt down any mutant (for example, Finger). You can find them in caves. After killing an enemy and skinning them with a combat knife, you can make armor with a set of tools, and then equip them. While you’re trying to make something stronger, get at least this armor to be ready to face tough enemies.

Leaf Armor

One of the easiest armors you can get early in the game. Such armor is primarily crafted from leaves and provides basic attack protection. It’s perfect for the first few minutes of the game, but you should aim to get something better as soon as possible because most enemies will pierce it easily and deal significant damage.

What you need for crafting:

  • ten leaves
  • One fabric

Since we are talking about the cheapest armor, you do not need to make excessive efforts to create it. Just explore the world around you, and soon you will find all the necessary resources.


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