All recipes in Sons of the Forest

List of all crafting recipes, where to look for resources, what can be made in a backpack or on a printer

Crafting is an integral part of successfully surviving and completing the Sons of the Forest storyline. If you want to survive encounters with numerous cannibals and mutants on a mysterious island, you will have to collect resources right in the world around you and use them to create weapons and other equipment that will help you on your journey.

If in most games crafting certain items requires workbenches and other stations, then in Sons of the Forest things are a little different. However, despite the unique mechanics, crafting still allows you to create items necessary to protect, restore health and destroy enemies.

All known recipes for crafting items

To begin with, we list all the known recipes that will allow you to create certain things. I’ll add on my own that you don’t need to look for the recipes themselves in the form of drawings, pages, and so on. As soon as enough resources appear in the inventory to craft this or that thing (for the first time), open it and hover over the “gear”. You will see the recipe for the available item. He will also appear in the diary.

So, on the knee, you can create:

  • Homemade spear: two sticks, an ordinary knife (an inexhaustible resource), adhesive tape.
  • Homemade bow: two sticks, rope, tape.
  • Homemade club: stick, rope, skull.
  • Stone arrow: four small stones, two sticks, two feathers.
  • Time bomb: C2 brick, clock, wire, tape, five coins, fee.
  • Molotov cocktail: bottle, cloth.
  • Chainsaw: chainsaw, battery.
  • Therapeutic mix: yarrow, aloe vera.
  • Therapeutic mix +: aloe vera, horsetail, fireweed.
  • Energy mix: chicory, arrowroot.
  • Energy mix +: chicory, devil’s club (devil’s club), fireweed.
  • Canned food: canned food, opener.
  • Cat food: cat food, bottle opener.
  • Torch: stick, cloth.
  • Flashlight: flashlight, battery.
  • Leaf Armor: 10 leaves, cloth.
  • Deerskin armor: two deerskins, cloth.
  • Bone armor: four bones, rope, tape.
  • Techno armor: techno fabric, wire, board, adhesive tape, battery.
  • Repair tool: stick, rope, stone.

What is a 3D printer for?

In addition to crafting on your knees, when you simply open your inventory and create the thing you want, you will soon come across a 3D printer. On it, you can create various objects using special ink (resin) for the printer, which are in the outside world.

Here’s what you can craft on the printer:

  • Reinforced arrows: 50 ml resin (4 arrows).
  • Bottle: 150 ml resin.
  • Mask: 100 ml resin.
  • Hook: 100 ml resin.
  • Tech fabric: 250 ml resin (used to make tech armor).
  • Sleigh: 1000 ml of resin.

Other crafting tips

To open the inventory in Sons of the Forest, as always, use the I key. Collecting items in different parts of the game world, they will be stored in the hero’s inventory. You need to pick up literally everything that you see – from stones and sticks to bottles and printed circuit boards.

All resources in the inventory are represented visually. For example, sticks lie at the bottom right, stones can be found to the left of them, and so on. There is an empty space in the middle of the opened bag – here you will craft things. By collecting items in the environment, you can combine them to create weapons, armor, medicines, and other things. However, some inventory items are not associated with any recipes – there are already prepared medicines, food, grenades, weapons (for example, a slingshot) and much more.

By holding the I key, you can quickly access an ax or other items such as skulls (which can be placed on buildings), sticks and other auxiliary tools.


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