Where to find all keycards in Sons of the Forest

The location of all key cards in the game – red, orange and blue

At the moment, in Sons of the Forest, you can find three key cards – attendants, VIP and guest. All of them are scattered in different parts of the island, hidden in bunkers and dungeons. You will need all three keycards to complete the game and find the required items. Below we list where to find each Keycard, which bunkers to enter, who you might encounter inside, and so on.

To get the key cards, you first need to find a shovel. We talk about it in a separate guide. You should also get these keycards in the order listed, as each one is needed to enter the area with the next card, and so on.

Location of the attendant keycard (where to find the red keycard)

The Maintenance Personnel Keycard is located at the dig site shown in the screenshot below – in the upper right corner of the map. Follow the map to the green marker that points to this location. Dig and then go down to the maintenance shaft. Go down the corridor and turn right. You will see the card lying on the table next to the 3D printer.

Location of the VIP Card (where to find the Orange Key Card)

Not far from the previous keycard is a cave where the VIP card is hidden. Look at the screenshot below. Go down into the cave and go into the underground structure. There will be a kitchen here, and in the back of it you need to use the recently found key card to get to the next area. There are a lot of mutants here, so be careful and take your ammo/weapons with you.

Keep going forward until you reach a room that you need to swim through. Swim through the corridors until you find a door that cannot be opened. Turn around and enter the door on the right side. Here is the security room and the key card you need. Enter the security room to find the VIP keycard on the table, next to the monitors.

Location of the guest keycard (where to find the blue keycard)

The guest’s key card is located at the entrance to another cave, from the screenshot below. You need to go down into the cave and go into the corridor. Turn left behind the 3D printer room. Open the door at the end of the corridor after turning right to enter a new room. This door is opened by the keycard you found above.

Go through the gym (killing enemies along the way), turn right and soon you will reach a room with wide stairs. Climb the stairs and go through the pool. Move to the next rooms, through the bar (nightclub) and, eventually, you will find a booth with many dead bodies. Inside it is the third key card


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