How to make money with Amazon Affiliates

Amazon is an online store for e-commerce and services that has been operating since 1994, the quantity and variety of products that can be obtained through its online catalog is enormous. With sales of more than 200,000 million dollars during 2020, it becomes one of the most powerful companies in terms of impact on the market. You should know that Amazon has an Affiliate Program to which practically anyone in the world can belong and that can obtain several benefits, including economic, by complying with the requirements of the program.

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  1. How does the affiliate program work on Amazon?
  2. How is it that money is made within this program?
  3. What other benefits does being part of the affiliate program give me?
  4. How can I subscribe to the Amazon affiliate program?
  5. Alternatives to earn money being part of Amazon
    1. Sell ​​products
    2. Amazon Flex
    3. Works as an Amazon warehouse
    4. Work from home for Amazon

How does the affiliate program work on Amazon?

Basically, what you should do is promote the products that Amazon offers in its online store with your contacts and friends, when you join the Amazon affiliate program, the platform provides you with a special link to each product with which you can earn a commission in money if the person with whom you shared your personal product link makes a purchase.

Amazon will take care of all the logistics of the payment process, preparation and dispatch of the product that your contact buys, your job will only be to promote it and for this you are given different ways to increase the scope of the promotion you make. Through advanced search APIS, access and exposure of customer opinions and many other strategies that we will talk about later.

How is it that money is made within this program?

As we have already mentioned, for each purchase made through your personal link you will receive a small commission that varies depending on the type of product you are promoting, since not all product categories reward you with the same percentage.

But the real strategy if you want to get a real benefit from this system is to handle a high traffic of people. One of the most effective ways is promoting your Amazon links through your social networks, blogs and the most powerful tool: through a website specialized in a niche.

The more people visit your website, the more exposure your affiliate links will have , therefore, the chances that a potential customer will click on one of your ads and make a purchase on Amazon increases.

It is here where Amazon provides all the support to those people who promote through its web pages, it makes available to its affiliates a series of tools to facilitate the construction of your own “Online Store” such as personalized web bars, also a link staff for each product you promote, an RSS system to keep you updated on sales trends and many others for you to be successful in sales , but who is really behind each product you offer on your website is the giant Amazon.

What other benefits does being part of the affiliate program give me?

In addition to being able to earn sales commissions as we have already mentioned, Amazon gives you all the support that accompanies its name , since it is a company that has a global presence, only a small list of countries is the one that Amazon still does not offer its service, so if you decide to enter their affiliate program, surely you can do so without major setbacks almost from anywhere in the world.

Another benefit of working under this program is that Amazon has the fastest payment system for its affiliates in its class , it is certainly not immediate, but it is the fastest of all the pages that have this mode of work.

One of the greatest advantages that this Amazon program offers us is that it does not require a high start-up capital , you only need to have an online website that has a good presentation and that is attractive to your potential clients. This can be achieved with a very low investment that would not be compared to opening a physical store with stock of products, rental costs and a series of commitments that have a commercial premises of this type entails.

It is a business that generates “Passive Income” , certainly at the beginning you will have to configure a few details of your website to optimize it, write some reviews and do an optimization so that your page is well positioned in the search places. But once you are preparing each item to promote, they can be sold over and over again without having to configure anything additional.

How can I subscribe to the Amazon affiliate program?

If you have already made the decision to join this profitable program, you should know that there are some requirements that you must meet before you can send your formal request to be able to choose to have your own affiliate code, and be able to start promoting the products and generating sales. which in turn will translate into profit for you. The main requirements are:

  • Be oflegal
  • Have an online websitewith original content.
  • Your website must not promoteviolent content, sexually explicit material, must not promote false or misleading materials, activities that incite hatred, discrimination, harassment or violate the privacy of other people. It should not be directed to children or people under 13 years of age.
  • Do not use any of the official Amazon brandsto promote your site.
  • Maintain a TSA (Turbo SEO Affiliates) as optimal as possible, well defined and structured .
  • Make the affiliation to the Amazon affiliate programthrough the official website

If you want to know in detail each of the aspects and the conditions that you must meet to be accepted in the Amazon affiliate program, you can read this official guide on their page , where they are well detailed when explaining each of the requirements that will be evaluated for accept a new application.

Once you have made sure you meet all the requirements , then you are ready to start the acceptance request process, go to the affiliate area on the web and locate the Amazon registration button in the upper right corner and create an account new, if you want to use your personal account, then log in with your user data. It is advisable to create an account to give it the specific use of only managing your Amazon links and not mixing it with your personal information.

If you want to create a new account, you must press the ” Create your Amazon account ” button, and a new window will open where you must enter your name, an email, your password and confirm your password. Then press the “Create your Amazon account” button.

You may have to resolve a captcha before continuing the registration process, then you must verify your email, enter the email you wrote in the previous registration window and look for an email sent by Amazon in which you should find a code that you will later have You type on the Amazon registration screen, do so and press the “Create your Amazon account” button.

In the next window, fill in your account information with all the data that they request, it is important that you use real data and without errors to avoid future inconveniences with the approval of your request. At this point you will only be asked for information related to your room address, make sure you fill in each of the fields correctly and press the “Next” button.

Then, you must associate the web page (s) with which you want to affiliate to the Amazon program , enter the domain of your website in the text box and press the add button.

Almost to finish, what you must do is create your affiliate ID , answer how you want to be paid the commissions you generate, in addition to providing information related to your website such as the theme, category, products that you are going to promote and everything everything related to the content of your website.

You should also write a short review of why you want to enter the Amazon affiliate program and accept the conditions shown at the end. Once you have reached this point, you will only have to wait for the approval of your application, which normally takes about 2 hours.

Alternatives to earn money being part of Amazon

Promoting and selling Amazon products is just one of the many ways to generate income through this peculiar company. Below we will mention at least 4 different ways with which you can start making money from Amazon.

Sell ​​products

As we have already mentioned, through the Amazon Affiliate program you can earn profits for each sale that is made through your personal links. These links must be promoted on your own website and must meet certain conditions that we have already mentioned. These conditions are not very complicated and the program is available in a good number of countries in the world .

Amazon Flex

Another way in which you can generate income thanks to this huge company is through another of their programs called Amazon Flex. This program allows you the opportunity to work as a delivery person for Amazon packages in your own vehicle.

The conditions to enter the program are few and among them you must have at least 4 hours a day available to dedicate yourself to delivering packages , have your own vehicle, a mobile phone, download the Amazon Flex app and pay a fee to obtain the access to Amazon’s package delivery system.

The payment that Amazon offers for this job is € 56 for each 4-hour block you work , you can work the blocks you want per day and the days of the week that you have yourself. As long as there are blocks available to reserve on the platform.

If you want to apply for a position as an Amazon package delivery person through this opportunity, you must follow the following steps :

  • Download the Amazon Flexapplication on your mobile.
  • Select what will be your work regionand complete the registration.
  • You will need to provide an image of your driving license, criminal record certificate and proof of social security affiliation.
  • Submit your applicationand wait for it to be approved.

Once you are accepted into the Amazon Flex program, you must use the official app to do all the logistics work . Through it you will be able to select the working hours, scan the codes of the packages to be delivered, you will have access to the information to find your package and deliver it, and you will even be given a kind of GPS through it where the best ones will be suggested. routes you can take to deliver your packages more efficiently, avoiding traffic and saving fuel.

Works as an Amazon warehouse

Currently, Amazon has 175 logistics centers worldwide, these centers require qualified personnel in a variety of activities , since they are not only warehouses of merchandise, but also function as distribution centers where the staff selects the product, packages and delivers to the dispatch staff each of the items purchased by people through the Amazon page.

As you can imagine, millions of packages are managed daily in all these logistics centers, so that adjustments are constantly being made in the distribution process to improve the customer experience. There is no better time to look for a job in this company , since practically throughout the year people are buying through the page, so there is work constantly.

You can choose one of the positions available to lead teams within the logistics center, you can also choose to be a packer, package dispatcher, work in the human resources area, load trucks and a list of job profiles that you can consult through In the section to apply for employment on Amazon , here you must select the region closest to your home and check if there are vacancies available to apply for the job.

Work from home for Amazon

If the best option for you is to work from home, we comment that through Amazon it also offers “Virtual” or remote jobs , for people who live in specific areas and offer various functions to develop within the company.

The most common jobs you can do from home are Customer Service, Programming, Graphic Design, Web Architecture, Training, Human Resource Management, and a variety that you can check out on the Virtual Locations page for remote jobs.

You can filter the available jobs by your professional area, your region or the type of work you want to do, once you select the position you are interested in applying for, you must fill out the form to arrange an interview in case you are selected for said charge. Normally, Amazon offers training to people who are going to start working within the company , so that the knowledge you must acquire to do your job well will be provided by a supervisor to ensure that everything is done well.

As you may have noticed, there are many opportunities that Amazon offers to those who are looking for a complementary or full-time job, surely, if you put effort, you can get a place in one of the jobs that this huge company offers.

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