How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliations

If you have already ventured into the world of blogging and opened a personal blog or in any case a small website then you are already wondering how to make a small profit; maybe a second monthly income that is added to the main income and that can repay you for the expenses and time spent writing the blog posts. One of the various possibilities is to earn with Amazon affiliations . If you still don’t know this monetization technique, you just need to think that you will not have to sell any products but insert links to Amazon products on your site; in practice you can earn with Amazon affiliations without having to invest even a euro.

If you are interested in this and want to know more about Amazon affiliates then read this guide, I promise to be as brief as possible.


  • Earn money with Amazon affiliations
    • Benefits Amazon Affiliate
    • Amazon Affiliate Commissions
    • Amazon Affiliate Payments
    • Buy Amazon Affiliate
    • Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program
    • How to create Amazon Affiliate links
    • Tricks to earn with Amazon Affiliate

Earn money with Amazon affiliations

To earn with Amazon affiliations you will basically have to insert links to Amazon products and you will earn every time someone through your link accesses Amazon and makes a purchase; the interesting thing is that you will earn a small commission even if a person makes a purchase on Amazon through your link that has nothing to do with the product you linked.

Benefits Amazon Affiliate

Basically the Amazon affiliation works like all other affiliate programs but has some advantages that make it particularly interesting:

  • To begin with, the reliability of Amazon which is a brand known by all and which is highly trusted by most people
  • Amazon sells just about everything
  • As I had anticipated, the possibility of earning even if you buy a product other than the one for which you have placed the   affiliate link

Amazon Affiliate Commissions

All that glitters is not gold! If the benefits of Amazon affiliation are many, it is equally true that the commissions for sales are extremely low, much lower than other affiliate programs.

There is no fixed formula for commissions which vary according to the category and type of purchase (direct or indirect); furthermore, the commissions are periodically reviewed. in principle, an Indirect Eligible Purchase (ie a purchase of a Product in a Product Category other than the one your link refers to always generates a commission of 1.5%. On this page you will find the commissions for each category, Highest paid categories are Amazon Fashion (10% commission) Handmade (12% commission) and Home Products (8% commission).

Amazon Affiliate Payments

Payments are calculated on a monthly basis and you will need to have reached a certain threshold (currently equal to 25 euros) to receive the payment otherwise your credit will be set aside for the following month. Payments are made approximately 60 days after the end of the month.

You can decide whether to receive the commissions in the form of Amazon Coupons or bank transfer (in this case you must provide the details of your current account).

A VAT number is not required to join the Amazon affiliate program but, from a tax point of view, the legitimacy of earning with Amazon Affiliations without a VAT number is a much discussed and controversial point.

Buy Amazon Affiliate

It is possible to earn with Amazon affiliations only for sales made within a single session; this means that if a person after clicking on your link closes the browser and then reopens it directly from Amazon and proceeds with the purchase, then you will not be recognized any commission. However, if a person, after clicking on your link, adds a product to the shopping cart then you will receive the commission even if the purchase will be made at a later time (up to 90 days later).

Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program

To subscribe to the Amazon affiliate program, connect to the Amazon site dedicated to affiliations and press the button that reads Subscribe . You will be redirected to the Amazon login page where you will need to enter your Amazon credentials; therefore to use the Amazon Affiliate program you will need to have an Amazon account.

The registration process is very simple and you just need to follow the steps and answer the questions. Once completed you will receive your ID that you will use in the links to identify the clicks and purchases generated by your pages. Signing up for the Amazon Affiliate is completely free.

How to create Amazon Affiliate links

On the Amazon Affiliations site there is a section dedicated to the creation of text links and banners to Amazon products; it is not very convenient indeed it is absolutely impractical but you can use the Amazon SiteStripe tool that allows you to create links directly from the site without having to go to the affiliate center.

Tricks to earn with Amazon Affiliate

Let’s start from an assumption, to Earn with Amazon affiliations you need traffic to your site / blog; you cannot hope to have large returns if you have few visitors. In my opinion, no matter what industry your blog or site is about, you will need to have at least 1,000 daily visitors to be able to see a profit from affiliate marketing.

You will need to fill your web pages with “relevant” links to Amazon products; Relevance is a fundamental requirement because only if you are serious and reliable will your visitors feel confident in buying what you offer. In addition to links, you can also use advertising banners; Amazon itself, in the affiliation portal provides a tool for the generation of small banners but I warn you that it is not that great.

The biggest advice I can give you if you use a CMS (for example wordpress) is to download a good plugin for Amazon affiliations otherwise the work to insert links and banners becomes immense. Most Amazon affiliate plugins are paid; you can try Amazon Auto Link which also offers a free version.

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