How to remove Windows 10 password if your PC is locked

Sometimes we will need to remove the Windows 10 password , either because we have forgotten it and the PC has crashed, or another problem prevents us from accessing our computer. Removing Windows 10 password can be easy with the right tool.

A good alternative is PassFab 4WinKey , a password retriever that works with any version of Windows. This program creates a pendrive or CD / DVD disk to start the locked PC and thus eliminate the forgotten password.

Therefore, the installation of PassFab 4WinKey can be done on PC or Mac, and from there create the drive to unlock Windows 10. It supports local accounts (administrator or users) and, depending on the version, Microsoft accounts and domains.

In addition to removing the forgotten password, you can also reset the password, delete an account or create a new account in Windows 10, so we have several possibilities.

Of course, we should only remove the password if the computer is our property or we have permission from the owner. Otherwise, we would be invading your privacy, since all kinds of personal or professional files can be stored on a Windows 10 computer.

Remove Windows 10 password, step by step

Apart from the computer locked with Windows 10, we need another computer (Windows or Mac) to create the startup drive, where PassFab 4WinKey will guide us step by step to remove the password from the account.

This is what we should do:

  • First we download and install PassFab 4WinKey like any other program, it is not necessary to use the computer where we want to remove the forgotten password (which will be locked), but we can do it on any PC or Mac, depending on the edition we have.
  • At the end of the installer, click on “Start” and we must create a boot disk for the computer in which we want to remove or reset the Windows 10 password.
  • We will insert a pendrive into a USB port or a CD / DVD disc in the recorder , we will choose the corresponding unit and click on “Next” :
  • We will get a notice that all the contents of the pendrive will be erased , if we are sure that there is no important data we will press “Continue” .
  • PassFab 4WinKey will guide us through the steps to follow on the blocked computer , where we must insert the pendrive or CD / DVD disk destined to boot.
  • You have to turn on the PC by pressing a key to load the pendrive or CD / DVD , a table explains which one to use in the main manufacturers, Esc or F12 being the most common:
  • We will see a menu of the BIOS, UEFI or Windows 10 with which we must start the computer through the pendrive or CD / DVD disk to continue. In PassFab 4WinKey some examples are shown, although the screen varies depending on the computer:
  • Now PassFab 4WinKey will already be running on the PC that we want to unlock thanks to the boot drive. First we will choose the Windows installation to work on (if there are several) and click “Next” :
  • Now we choose the account on which to operate and the action to execute , whether it is to remove the forgotten password, reset it, directly delete the account or create a new one:
  • We will press “Next” , after a few seconds of waiting we will have to restart the PC and we will have already managed to remove the password from Windows 10 or another edition of the operating system.

Password types that PassFab 4WinKey removes

PassFab 4WinKey has four different versions , each one offers additional features, maintaining the characteristics of the previous one. It also has a free trial version to give us an idea of ​​how the program works.

These are the four available versions of PassFab 4WinKey:

  • Standard : removes the password for local accounts using bootable CD / DVD on 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP / 2000.
  • Professional : adds support for bootable USB flash drives and for Windows Server 2019/2012 (R2) / 2008 (R2) / 2003 (R2).
  • Enterprise : Add domain account deletion.
  • Ultimate : adds password reset (local, domain, Microsoft accounts and RAID servers) and deletion or creation of accounts.

All versions are compatible with computers that use UEFI or BIOS , even with Mac computers where we have installed Windows 10.

PassFab 4WinKey, versions and prices

Once the version we need to remove or reset the Windows password is clear, we can check the price. The program can also be installed on Mac, so it will be easy to unlock the PC even if we do not have another Windows 10 computer at hand.

All licenses are valid for 1 year , and these are the prices:

  • Standard: € 19.99 (Windows) or € 29.99 (Mac).
  • Professional: € 29.99 (Windows) or € 39.99 (Mac).
  • Enterprise: € 39.99 (Windows) or € 49.99 (Mac).
  • Ultimate: € 69.99 (Windows) or € 79.99 (Mac).

It is possible to obtain a 30% discount if at the time of purchase we introduce the A8DTE coupon , which will be automatically applied to the final price to pay.

It can be paid by bank card or PayPal, and includes free updates and customer service in case we need help removing the password from the device or any of the other functions of the program.

In conclusion, removing the forgotten password from Windows 10 is easy using PassFab 4WinKey, in this way we avoid formatting the PC to delete the account, also preserving the original files and settings.

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